Mike Dooley

Thoughts Become Things

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From Mike Dooley Twelve years ago, before there was The Secret, TUT's Adventurers Club, and Notes from the Universe, I was struggling with a poem I was writing for our T-shirt business. Days into writing, 3 words strung together caught my attention... and completely floored me. "Thoughts become things." The more I stared at them, the more they took my breath away. Those simple 3 words, encompass the entirety of what anyone could ever hope to know about deliberately living their dreams or effecting change in their lives. They tell us where we fit into the equation of reality creation. Thoughts Become Things!

In this brand new DVD, I share personal stories, analogies, and exercises that have already helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, and that can help you understand and harness this most fundamental of all principles. From it you’ll learn: The 6 visualization guidelines to follow each day (taking less than 5 minutes). How to use and how NOT to use your words, to spark life changes. How to take action WITHOUT simultaneously messing with the "cursed hows." You’ll also discover: That it’s YOU who decides what’s meant to be. How to easily deal with runaway trains of fear and negativity. How to place yourself within reach of life’s magic. Fellow adventurer, we get to choose our thoughts, and from them follow our words and our actions, all crafting the reality we'll experience next in time and space. Life is as simple as this. There are no mitigating factors, no caveats, no "sometimes," "maybe's" or "hope so's." Please join me for just 77 minutes, so that I can share with you all I’ve found. Yours in the adventure, Mike Dooley

Published: February 1, 2010
Director: Katharine Leis Producer: Mike Dooley, Phil Tripoli, Katharine Leis Starring: Jeff Sears, Sungchiu, Puxiao Cen, Cyndi Chebator, Sam Waters, Michelle Wargo, Mary Dejidas, Janell Wheeler, Brittany Shane  
UPC: 660159003019
Language: English
Subtitles: English and Spanish
Runtime: 74 mins and 53 secs