Madisyn Taylor

Unmedicated: The Four Pillars of Natural Wellness

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Winner of the 2018 Body, Mind, Spirit Book Awards® for the Healing category.

From DailyOM’s cofounder and editor-in-chief, Madisyn Taylor offers a unique path for people who want to heal themselves from the debilitating effects that excessive reliance on medications can create in the body, mind, and spirit.

Madisyn spent her childhood feeling like she wasn’t normal. Depression and anxiety plagued her life, and she didn’t see a future for herself. She grew up to become a woman with chronic physical problems for which doctors had no cures. Spending a lifetime searching for answers—first in the medical community and then in the spiritual health realm—Madisyn at last developed a system to find her true, healthy self.

Unmedicatedis her thoughtful account of how she broke free from binding mental chains and physical ailments to be happy, healthy, and productive, and a guide for others to apply her techniques to their own healing process. Madisyn offers a step-by-step, daily program based on four pillars that creates a lifelong foundation for health:

1. Clear your mind
2. Nurture your spirit
3. Strengthen your body
4. Find your tribe

Each pillar builds upon the other and includes optional how-to steps. Written in a respectful, compassionate, and heart-felt way,Unmedicatedoffers a practical and achievable plan to transform your life.

Published: January 23rd, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-58270-657-3 
Pages: 208 
Dimensions: 5 1/2 x 8 3/8 inches