Jonas Elrod

Wake Up: There's More to Life Than Meets the Eye

Finalist—2011 Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Jonas Elrod was leading an ordinary life until he woke up one day to a totally new reality.  He suddenly could see and hear angels, demons, auras and ghosts. The documentary Wake Up follows this fascinating story of an average guy who inexplicably developed the ability to access other dimensions. With his loving but skeptical girlfriend by his side, Jonas crisscrosses the country as he searches for answers and delves deeper into this thrilling world of the phenomenal and spiritual. Wake Up is a call to consciousness to everyone who sees it; an invitation to accept that there is more to this life than meets the eye. Chloe Crespi is a professional photographer and filmmaker based in New York City. Her clients include Esquire, Tatler, British Vogue, Latin Harpers Bazaar, Ocean Drive, Vanity Fair, Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta, and Teen Vogue among others.  Her photography website is Jonas Elrod has been in the film industry for over a decade working as Producer/Director on various projects including documentaries, music videos, commercials and short films. Based in New York, Jonas co-ran the award-winning production company Rockhard Films. For more about the film and an interview with the directors visit

Published: September 14, 2010
Director: Jonas Elrod, Chloe Crespi
UPC: 7-24868-02799-2