Masaru Emoto

Water Crystal Healing: Music and Images to Restore Your Wellbeing

Full-color images of beautiful, astounding water crystals are accompanied by two CDs full of music to improve your health and vitality. Masaru Emoto's beautiful high-speed photographs capture water at the precise moment it freezes—and his scientific research demonstrates how words, music, and thoughts can influence the structure of its crystals.Since seventy percent of the human body is water, the therapeutic implications of his discoveries are far reaching. By correcting distorted frequency vibrations in cells, music with the appropriate rhythm, tempo, and melody, combined with visualization and meditation, can ameliorate joint and back pain, improve the functions of nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, and immune systems, and correct negative emotions such as anxiety and obsession. The combination of images, works, and music in Water Crystal Healing concentrates consciousness as never before, providing powerful and lasting healing effects.

ISBN: 978-1-58270-156-1
Pages: 60
Dimensions: 8 x 10 inches