Beyond Words Publishing

What The Bleep Do We Know!? Original Soundtrack

Disc #1 features some of the key bands/artists from the film, including ambient artists/composers Jonn Serrie (musical contributor to NASA projects), Christopher Franke (Tangerine Dream) Michael Whalen, Patrick O’Hearn, and the John Digweed-fronted UK act, Bedrock. Additionally, the reunited band Animotion contribute their hit "Obsession" (from the wedding scene), Los Angeles indie band Aeon Spoke supply "Emmanuel," and the film’s co-star Elaine Hendrix performs the Bleep Rabbit Hole’s end credit song "What The Bleep."

Disc #2 allows listeners to settle into a calming space as it begins with a 20-minute meditative sequence featuring a mixture of music from the films composer, Christopher Franke, and ambient artist, Jonn Serrie. Rounding out the soundtrack is a series of spoken word vignettes with! each cue comprised of a quote taken from the films dialogue, mixed with a musical cue from Franke.