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by Christy Whitman

You were born to manifest your desires. Not as a result of great sacrifice or effort, but as a joyful unfolding that delights you at every step along the way.    

The energy of a fresh, new desire is contagious, attractive, and magnetizes to itself the very components that aid in its full manifestation. You know this to be true, for you’ve experienced many times in your life when something you wanted simply fell into place, or when an opportunity presented itself that felt exactly right. It could be something huge or something incredibly small, but the joy in life is experienced in these moments of effortless manifestation of desire.  

Our desires are meant to feel good to us, to inspire us to become better, more expansive, more joyful versions of ourselves. And when we meet our desires with eagerness and positive expectation – they manifest easily, effortlessly, and we enjoy every stage of their unfolding.  

Here is a 3-step process for manifesting any desire:

Step #1: Go deeper than the what, and connect with the why.

Knowing what you want is the easy part. The act of living life causes new desires to be born within you in almost every waking moment. But the first step to actualizing this desire as a tangible, 3-dimensional reality is to go deeper than asking yourself what you want, and connecting with the underlying why.    

For example, if you desire more money, it’s probably not for the sake of simply seeing all the zeros in your bank balance. You want it because you are longing to experience a deep, essential feeling that you believe the money will bring. You might equate having more money with a feeling of worthiness, of empowerment, of self-love, of freedom…

This feeling is the essence of your desire. No matter what you want to create in the outer world, what you are really seeking is the feeling of this internal “essence.”   Learning to connect with and vibrate in energetic resonance with the essence of what you want to manifest is the first step in attracting it into your life.

Step #2: Be forward looking and feeling.

When it comes to the aspects of our lives that really matter, most of us are historians rather than visionaries.

We remember the unintentional hurtful remarks made by a friend or lover. We obsess over our shortcomings. We relive past failures – dwell on then, even. And in so doing, we continue to recreate the past rather than create the future anew.

“Feeling forward” is an energy mastery technique that I describe in detail in my book The Desire Factor. It’s a process of deliberately giving our energy and positive attention to any desire that we wish to manifest.

In the same way a farmer tends his freshly planted crop or a pregnant woman joyfully anticipates the baby she will one day hold in her arms, feeling forward trains your mind to reach beyond the circumstances you’re currently living in. This is the secret to deliberate manifestation used by masters and luminaries throughout time. A realist sees what is currently manifested and reacts to it. A visionary sees what can be and creates it.

To unleash your full creative potential, focus forward, beyond what currently is, and toward the new and improved reality that you desire. Bask in this new reality as if it’s already manifested and you will speed its full manifestation into your life.


Step #3: Find something to appreciate about the exact place in which you now stand.

When it comes to how we approach the desires we hold dear and wish to manifest, we really have only two choices. We can choose to feel bad about everything that’s not yet as we’d like it to be, or we can appreciate this moment in time as a work in progress that will naturally evolve into the reality we desire.

Appreciation is one of the most powerful, attractive, and magnetic forces in all the universe. Everything that we nourish with the powerful energy of our appreciation expands, appreciates, and becomes more. Gradually, as we give more focus to what is working and what is wanted, rather than to what isn’t working or isn’t wanted, the fulcrum tips and our desires come more quickly to fruition.

Manifesting any desire comes down to making the decision to lean more in the direction of where you’re going than dwelling in where you’ve been. Make the choice to cultivate good-feeling thoughts and emotions, those that foster faith and assurance. Choose to believe that the best is yet to come. Choose to use the incredible power of your imagination to paint the picture of things turning out well and to use the incredible power of your emotions to deliberately conjure the corresponding joyful feeling state of having created all that you want.  

Feed your desire with your loving attention, and you will pull it close to you. Treat your desire like a dear friend coming to visit. Prepare a space for it. Think loving thoughts about it often. Love the very idea of all of your future manifestations – even while they’re still in the process of becoming – and you magnetize them to you.


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