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by Christy Whitman

As a Law of Attraction coach, I’m often asked which tools and techniques are the most useful for manifesting desires. People are looking for a magic pill – that one tip or daily practice that will create the most high-leverage results.

And of course, I understand the confusion. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of manifestation techniques out there. For example, what role does meditation play in manifestation? Is there any value in creating vision maps or reading affirmations? When is it appropriate to put our energy into visualizing our intended result, and when is it time to jump into action?

To cut through this confusion, you only need to remember one universal principle, and that is the Principle of Alignment. The rule of thumb is that if a particular technique or practice enhances your alignment, it will facilitate the manifestation of your desires. If a technique or process diminishes your alignment – if it causes you stress, discomfort or frustration – this is a sign that in that moment at least, you are working in cross-purposes to the very outcome you’re hoping to achieve.

All manifestations begin in the realm of energy. The moment we give birth to a new desire, the reality of that desire is created in vibrational form. It’s a done deal. To bring it from the vibrational realm into the tangible realm where we can see it, hear it, taste and touch it, we must bring our personal energy field into harmony with the vibration of our desire. In other words, we must come into a state of alignment.


Understanding Energy Alignment and Misalignment

The easiest way to understand what energy alignment is to explore its complete opposite: split energy.

Split energy is what you experience when the powerful energy of your desire is being opposed or blocked by some contradictory energy. The contradictory energy might be arising because of an opposing belief, because you’re remembering a time when things didn’t work out for you, or because you’re temporarily viewing your life through the lens of lack or insufficiency.  

Trying to achieve any goal when your energy is misaligned is like trying to run across a finish line carrying a 100 pound weight.   One surefire way to know that your energy is split is by the presence of negative thoughts and uncomfortable feelings. A part of you wants what you want, and another part of you doubts your ability to create it. Split energy not only feels horrible; it blocks our ability to receive all of the blessings we’ve asked for.

The great news is, energy alignment is your natural state! You were born receptive, trusting, and open to receiving the abundance of the universe. Learning to align your energy is actually more of a process of unlearning. We just have to stop engaging in the habits of thought that split our energy. Here are 3 powerful steps for aligning your energy to more easily magnetize all that you desire to receive:


Step #1: Uncover your hidden allegiances.
At every moment, and with every thought and emotion we offer, we are breathing life into one of two realities:  a reality that we don’t want to live, or a reality that we do. 

Many of us are unconsciously aligned with the very realities we’re trying hard not to create. We align ourselves with those realities by thinking about them and therefore feeding them with our energy. To align your energy with any desired outcome – like joy, abundance and ease – you first need to uncover what you’re currently aligned with. Paying attention to your daily thoughts and the way those thoughts make you feel will reveal any hidden allegiances.  


Step #2: Re-align your energy by acknowledging your true place in the universe.

Perception equals reality. When we perceive ourselves as small, separate, and at the mercy of powers greater than ourselves, we this becomes our reality. And when we shift our perception, our entire experience of life shifts, too.

What if you stopped to really acknowledge the perfection of the universe in which you were born?   To allow yourself to be awed by how infinite it is, and yet how every single detail is created in perfect order?


Allow yourself to acknowledge the infinite intelligence that governs this universe and everything in it. And now acknowledge that YOU are an integral part of this energy stream. You have access to the intelligence of the universe itself.


Step #3: Align your energy with the presence of your desire; not its absence.

What you focus on, you draw into your life. Through the power of focus, you summon powerful creative energy. And that energy makes up the basis of every single manifestation.

To magnetize greater ease, prosperity, love or laughter, align your energy with the presence of those things. Recognize that they are available to you right now; in whatever present circumstance you find yourself.  

Instead of deferring your happiness to some future time, reach for things that bring you happiness now. Allow yourself to feel fabulous for no good reason. Give yourself permission to relax a little, to play, and to acknowledge the many blessings all around you.  

You were born with an innate ability to align your energy with the powerful energy that creates and sustains this world. And as you do, you receive a continual flow of insights and inspiration. Like being a chef in a well-stocked kitchen, you have everything you need to create a joyous, satisfying life experience.


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