Guest Blog by Tami Lynn Kent, author of Wild Feminine

The world is shifting and the feminine is rising–yet how do we tap into the power of the feminine when all of our old structures and even the energy patterns in our bodies and daily lives are running with an absence of feminine energy? I’ve spent the past decade working with the female body and the pelvic bowl as a women’s health physical therapist and wrote  Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body to answer this question.
Reconnecting Spirit and Body
The essential task is to repair the connection between spirit and body and restore the flow of divine energy in our own creative centers. In restoring the flow of this abundant energy, not only are we more deeply nourished but we can direct this potential to reinvent our modern lives in soul-filled ways.
Wild Feminine Blessings
One of the most effective ways to repair and restore the body/spirit connection is to bless ourselves. Blessings align and enhance our energetic field and draw helpful energies to us. With this healing potential in mind, and to celebrate the publication/birth of the book, I offer this first in a series of Wild Feminine blessings:

Take your creative dreams
Place them in the deeper currents,
Where your body meets spirit–
And they will become real.

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