by Helene Lerner, author of In Her Power

During this month, Women’s History Month, it’s important to reflect on the women who have paved the way for us. But it’s also a time to pay it forward.

When my first marriage broke up and my husband left, I was devastated. Instead of isolating myself in my grief, I reached out to my friends. Several months passed and one night while waiting to meet an acquaintance of mine in front of a church, I saw a young woman who was crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said “My husband just left me and I’m terrified to be alone.” I remember thinking, I know just how you feel. I leaned over, took her hand, and assured her, “You will get through this, even if right now you don’t know how.” I revealed my own struggle to her, the fear, insecurity and aloneness I felt.

By sharing one of my darkest moments, I was able to have significant impact and support another woman who was moving through her own despair. In your own life, ask yourself, “How can I make a difference?” How can you make a difference at the office, in your community and at home?

Come from your strength.  Do not hold back in fear. Fear disconnects you from your core beliefs and values. Stepping out of your comfort zone involves discomfort — but you can still take action by accepting that growing involves a certain amount of uneasiness.

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