There really is an art to selecting the perfect name. In the newest title from Beyond Words, The Secret Language of Your Name unveils the numerology behind both your birthdate and your name to provide the most comprehensive and personalized reading. The key behind this book is that while your birthdate is locked, your name is wholly under your power. You can change your name at any time to enhance your natural strengths and create balance in your life. (Great news if you never particularly loved your name in the first place.) The book is very thorough, providing readings for the six spheres of influence:

  • The Sphere of Personality—The day of the month you were born
  • The Sphere of Destiny—Your birthdate
  • The Sphere of the Given Name—Your first name
  • The Sphere of Expression—Your full name
  • The Sphere of the Inner Person—Derived from the vowels in your full name
  • The Sphere of the Outer Person—Derived from the consonants in your full name
I sat down with the book and discovered that my first sphere—The Sphere of Personality—is an 11, a master number! I also discovered that my number and my husband’s number were highly compatible. Great news. This comprehensive book really goes beyond a simple explanation of numerology. It provides a resource for anyone looking to learn about themselves, their compatibility with others, or even for the new parents looking to pick the perfect name for their child. To get started on your own reading, check out this easy reference guide or buy the book for a full reading today.

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