If you've been lucky enough to catch Lama Marut on his recent book tour, you may have noticed something very different.

Standing before you was an ordained, Buddhist monk without his traditional robes. Instead, Lama Marut has been dressed just like you or I during his 20-city North American tour. Why? Well, it all has to do with showing that we are all "In the Same Boat".  Teacher and student, author and reader, we are all in this world together. Originally, the robes were donned to show exactly this, the sameness of us all. But over the centuries, these robes have started to accomplish just the opposite effect. They stand out, set ones apart, and are just different. On the path for happiness and a good life, we all want to feel we are in it together. Which is just what Lama Marut is trying to achieve.

Check out his full video explaining his decision. What do you think? Do you agree with his decision? Or not?

Catch Lama Marut's book tour here or get his book, A Spiritual Renegade's Guide to the Good Life.

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