This last weekend our publisher, Richard Cohn, was lucky enough to be present for the COVR Award reception held at INATS.

Three of our products were up for the prestigious award that honors the best in metaphysical, mind/body/spirit books, music, and products. Both Leveraging the Universe by Mike Dooleyand The Code by Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe were awarded First Runner Up in their respective categories.

But the big news of the night was Finding Joe, which won the COVR award for Best Video/DVD! We've been very proud of this little film since we first watched it here in the office many months ago. Finding Joe explores how Joseph Campbell's 'Hero's Journey' is relevant and essential in today's world. It provides a narrative for how to live a fully realized life or, as Campbell would simply state, how to "follow your bliss." The film takes us on an inspirational quest of self-discovery. As you slay dragons and uncover treasures, you just may find that the holy grail you seek is closer than you think.

Congratulations to Finding Joe on receiving the COVR award for Best Video/DVD! Watch a trailer for the film here:

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