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By Mike Dooley

If you now find yourself midstream in life, on a journey that’s included countless opinions of others and perhaps limiting beliefs of your own, and you believe you’re so far off track that you have no idea who the real you is or what your greatest potentials are, then you’re probably asking one of the most asked questions of all time: “What should I be doing with my life?” This is not a fun place to be; I’ve been there. Fortunately, moving on is far easier than it may seem. Here are a couple of thoughts that’ll help get anyone back on track:

1. Be yourself . While the following may not thrill you, the fact is, there is no one answer to the question of what it is you should be doing with your life. Sure, it sounds pat to say that everyone has a special role to play—a special niche to fill that no other could ever fill—but that role or niche comes from you just being you and has no relation to what you do for a living any more than what you eat for breakfast or what you wear to bed.

Thinking otherwise implies that there is some profound mission to every life or some deep responsibility to humanity for your presence. But again, both of those are met when you are simply you, regardless of what you decide your career will or won’t be. Spiritually, your unique awareness— your mere existence—is one of a kind; it is what’s important. People tend to think things like “Oh, I must be here to work with my hands, or to teach and heal people, or to write books, or to balance the energy on the planet.” But it doesn’t matter what “hat” you wear as long as you’re you. And by being your real self—true to yourself—you’ll automatically be led by your own natural inclinations and impulses to the roles that will please you most at any given point in your life, thereby enriching the world the most.

2. Deal with what’s already on your plate . If you’re wondering what it is you should be doing with your life, first realize that wherever you are now has meaning and there’s a reason you’re there. That doesn’t mean that the reason is profound, nor does it mean that you must stay where you are, but because you are there—wherever there is—it needs to be your starting point. And the best news about this is that it means that wherever you are now is exactly where you should be, so don’t look back and second-guess earlier decisions.

Embrace your current situation for what it is, and for as long as you remain there, be your best and shine like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t fight it, or you’ll create such an attachment with your negative thoughts and feelings that you’ll anchor yourself in place! Instead, accept it, go with the flow, approve of yourself, and understand its worth and value, and you will rise above anything unpleasant you may now be facing, releasing yourself from the past and the grip your resistance has had on your present circumstances. After all, if you were not where you now are, you wouldn’t be asking the questions and receiving the answers that you are now asking and receiving.


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Diann Mathewes
Diann Mathewes

October 25, 2019

What a great piece of advice it keeps me in touch with the now

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