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Hi, it’s me, Marie Antoinette Kelley, the artist of the  Angel Quest Oracle card deck. I hope you’ve had a chance check out the new card deck (releasing today!) and fall in love with the messages.

As you can imagine, angels are dear to my heart. I’ve been relating to them for as long as I can remember, and they come through for me all the time, in the simplest things even, like finding a lost key, or getting a good buy in the grocery store. But my imagination best captured how angels work with me through a mistake. I often accidentally move the letter L and thereby turn the word angel into “angle.” 

That simple change (Is it really accidental?) made me aware that their answers most often come to me through changing the angle in which I’m looking at a problem. I’ll suddenly gain a new perspective, or get fresh intuitive information, and then get unstuck, so I can move on to the solution. I call my angels “angles of consciousness” now, and I rely on them for broadening my consciousness through these new angles, for bringing the Divine wholeness that they represent into the stuck parts of my life.

With that in mind, I decided to paint about half of the images in this deck as archetypal images of inspiration. Archetypal images resonate deeply within our collective psyche. They unlock hidden powers of insight, or new angles of consciousness. Much of the language of Spirit is symbolism after all. Since I have studied and practiced many spiritual traditions for thirty-plus years, I painted images that represent defining moments in our unique spiritual paths. I trust that the angels will use these images to quicken your insight and unlock energies that move you towards your solution—and that this will further their unique messages of support and love for you. 

Some of the archetypes you might notice are an image of a flower growing through the rubble to represent and unlock courage; the staff of Moses parting the waters of our emotional body to separate the real from the unreal; and the lotus flower blooming within the universe to represent and unlock our inner awakening. But, there’s quite a few more in the deck. 

Enjoy the many different images that hold hidden inspiration in them. I wish, as you begin to work with the deck, that your communication with the angels opens up wide and is richer as a result. 

With great love,
Marie Antoinette Kelley, illustrator of the  Angel Quest Oracle card deck 

Learn more about Marie Antoinette by visiting: https://makfineart.com/

Learn more about the card deck by visiting: https://beyondword.com/products/angel-quest-oracle-guidance-from-the-celestial-realm

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