We're all seeking happiness in our lives. Here at Beyond Words we strive to bring books and DVDs to the world that guide each of us on our journey to achieving happiness.

One of our favorite recent DVDS, Project Happiness, does just that to teens all around the world. And now, Project Happiness is looking to you to bring happiness to others by throwing a party. That's right, throw a party! Their innovative fundraising and awareness campaign, Hungry 4 Happiness, is inviting supporters to throw a dinner party. Each of your guests donate $10 and you direct all the contributions to Project Happiness. Donations support educational programs that teach kids and adults tangible skills to become more self-conscious and emotionally fulfilled. This helps promote leadership skills from an early age, facilitating community support group sto battle bullying and depression. As a host, you'll receive a copy of the documentary which you can screen at the party and promote the happiness movement.

As you spread this message of happiness to your guests, you can invite them to throw their own Hungry 4 Happiness party and create a ripple that has no end! And today, we are so pleased to learn that Hungry 4 Happiness has partnered with Hugh Jackman's Laughing Man! Throw a party of your own and you might find some goodies from Laughing Man in the gift bag!

To sign up, go to hungry4happiness.org.   Learn more about Project Happiness at projecthappiness.org. Learn about Laughing Man at laughingman.com.                  

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