We can't get enough of Omaho third-grader Stella Ehrhart. This 8-year-old made it her mission to dress up as a different historical figure every day! One day she's Billie Holiday, the next Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Stella's parents, teachers, and even her fellow classmates have all jumped on board. In class, they even make a point of trying to guess who she's dressed up as everyday.

We think this is a perfect way to bring social studies and history to life—and it fits perfectly with our latest two titles. Boys Who Rocked the World and Girls Who Rocked the World collect the true stories of girls and boys throughout history who have rocked the world before the age of 20. From Mother Teresa to Einstein, Coco Chanel to Will Smith, these profiles show it's never too early make a difference—and we think Stella's just shown how she's rocked the world at 8 years old! How are you going to rock the world?

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