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How can I live authentically? What is my life’s purpose? How can I tap into my soul’s wisdom? How can I receive Divine guidance?

To learn the answers to these questions, gifted intuitive, visionary teacher, and author Sara Wiseman gives you Messages from the Divine. Timeless and affirming, the 66 lessons in this book will teach you the secrets of how to live from your soul’s wisdom, awaken to your true life’s path, and learn how to have direct connection with the Universe. And by living a soul-led life, you move from confusion, fear, and feeling unfulfilled to a life that is open, original, and profoundly meaningful.

Each of the 66 lessons ends with a brief exercise—an easy-to-do practice, mediation, or reflection to help anchor the teaching—along with a short collection of anecdotes from the author’s life. Lyrical in style and meditative in experience, Messages from the Divine will inspire, empower, and awaken your soul.

Pre-order Messages from the Divine and receive a FREE 11-week Seeker's Guide course to accompany the lessons in the book.

Messages from the Divine: Wisdom for the Seeker's Soul

How it works

  1. First, order Sara's new book, Messages from the Divine: Wisdom for the Seeker's Soul! Preorder it from: Beyond Words, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or an independent bookstore.
  2. Next, sign up for The Seeker's Guide, Sara's FREE 11-week online course that will help you dive into her newest book, Messages from the Divine: Wisdom for the Seeker's Soul. It's absolutely FREE! Sign up here.
  3. When the course launches in May, you'll can work privately on your own, or create a spiritual circle and work as a group.
  4. Do I have to buy the book to get the FREE course? Nope! Not at all. You're welcome to share a book, or get it from the library. There's no purchase required to sign up for the FREE course.
  5. As another special gift, you'll be signed up for FREE Daily Divine, Sara's award-winning spiritual teachings. It's Sara's gift to you!

What is Sara's Daily Divine?

Direct to your inbox

A few times week, you'll receive a short message, story, or teaching designed to help you consider your experience as a human being, and open you into further understanding of your soul experience.

Spiritual guidance

Daily Divine provides guidance about spiritual awakening, how to create direct connection with the Universe, and living each moment as soul.

Zero cost

Daily Divine is a 100% free offering, created by Sara to help spread understanding about our experiences as souls in the world. Please feel to share the teachings with your friends!

Zero obligation

Unsubscribe from Daily Divine at any time, no questions asked. Want to pick the teachings back up later? You're always welcome to resubscribe.

What folks are saying...

"I am using this advice in both my personal spiritual path of growth & my daily work outs! Great advice. 
Thank you." - Mindy
"I appreciate the clarity of your message. In today's world where we are expected to do more, be more and expect more from everything we do, it is refreshing to reaffirm that it is really for your highest good to just be in the moment and be open and receptive to whatever comes to you. For there is always something to learn and take away from each experience and more importantly, be grateful for. Thank you for your daily wisdom." - Karen
"Thanks! Resonates with me. Surrender to soul growth every day, to deepen my connection to my beloved Divine inside my heart and my guides/angels! Much love and blessings!" - Fredrik
"Sara, you are so right on target. There is a completely new and, I feel, exciting energy that cannot be turned off. We can turn off our devices, but the connections have been made and we cannot go back to way things were before. There is always a negative aspect to social media and one that people focus on too much. We can control what we see, hear and who we connect with and can choose only positive, uplifting and consciousness raising connections. It's a whole new world!" - Tibby
"I just instagrammed this and credited your daily emails. So much is literally opening up to our souls. It's awesome and necessary. We are one. 
Love. Lights. Angels." - Linda
"I agree completely... That is an old world, fear based mentality. Fear is the biggest impediment to spiritual and emotion growth. We have the choice to embrace or reject fear. As humans we will experience moments of anxiety but we should stop, breath and analyze where are those feelings coming from and transform that moment into expansion of consciousness. With enough practice, it can be done." - Clara
"A great point, Sara. Meditate, folks. Doing so unplugs us from the chaos of being human and refreshes us with spiritual light that makes everything easier, more meaningful and... well, FUN! Connect with the Infinite, and live the finite more gracefully. Meditate... Is brings peace and productivity and light." - Gary
"I so needed to read this today. My shoulders just dropped about three inches & the squeeze on my heart loosened. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. xoooooooo." - Cricket
"Love this. You have to love the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of self. They're what make us all unique individuals. Then we learn from those parts of self which parts we really want to work on to shine through." - Jess
"What a story. What a life. As I've learned to be open and accepting that I may not fully understand what's ahead for me I've gotten super comfortable with having my hand held by spirit and led for me. With each new message and understanding I get more confident and trusting that what I see I really like and it feels safe and happy. These aha moments have lots of ahhhhh feelings." - Jenny

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