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If you’ve been following any sundry news stories lately – immigration issues in Arizona, the oil disaster, the economy, how much it’s been raining and it’s JUNE – then you might have felt yourself get angry, stressed, feel helpless or numb. There’s nothing wrong with having these emotions and feelings. AND, they do tend to cloud our thinking processes, block our soul’s voice, and make it more difficult to make choices that take the bigger picture into account.

I for one have felt so heavy lately, that I declared today “beauty only day” where I would focus on what’s right in the world. I helped my children the other night pick out five things that are lush and vibrant in their lives that they can’t live without – music, both listening and making, was on both their lists, as was being in nature, reading books, and doing art or crafts. Ahhh, relief. Something our hearts could hold onto to get us through all the multitudes of challenges coming through at this time.

Once we moved into this space, stress seemed to leak out of us, and we were left with clearer, more purposeful ideas of how we would respond to the issues of the world, and we actually found joy in taking the actions we chose. We felt inspired, power-full, and like we were finally partners in the healing and shifting that we feel is happening on so many levels.

I reached out to Don Goewey (pronounced go-wee), author of Mystic Cool, who is the master of transcending stress to ask him what practices we could put into place that would help all of us reduce our stress related to these challenging times, and to the oil disaster in particular. His response is below.

The Brain Power To Prevail
By Don Joseph Goewey

The people of the Gulf Coast have every reason to be concerned. You have every reason to be angry. You have every right to demand action.

But don’t let fear, stress or enmity take hold of you. Although you have a right to these reactions, they won’t be of much help to you. They will flood your brain with stress hormones, and that’s not so good. Here’s how it happens:

Stress hormones literally cause higher order brain function to shrink. You need higher order brain function now more than ever. These amazing neural networks turn you into the smart, intuitive, creative, fast learner who solves problems. When these functions derail, you become reactive and make mistakes.

A brain flooded with stress hormones shifts your emotional set point to negative. Overwhelm, depression and pessimism take charge of your mental state. You need your emotional set point turned to fearless self-confidence, optimism and resilience. The situation you face needs people who won’t give up on life.

Stress hormones also make you suck at relationships. Fight or flight takes over making you prone to attack and defend indiscriminately. You need to love one another and help one another. You need to band together at the grass roots level and be one voice that speaks to the world.

In addition to all the above, a brain under stress pulls energy away from long term systems like the immune system, reproduction and growth. You get sick more easily and your body ages prematurely. 80% of serious illness was preceded by a high level of stress in the previous year. Stress reactions also burn up your energy and cause sleeplessness. Transcend stress and fear and you build the physical, emotional and spiritual energy to move whatever mountain has to be moved.

You don’t want the problems stress, fear and enmity cause. You want the solutions a powerful brain offers, so you can prevail over the circumstances you face. And that will take brain power. Click this link for a set of simple tools that will light you up with the emotional, social and practical intelligence to make a difference for yourself, your family and your region. The means to a powerful brain is actually quite simple. It involves approaches anyone can do and takes practically no time at all.

The world needs people who can show us how to meet and overcome disaster. There is more of it to come as we pay the price for disrespecting Mother Nature. That’s part of why our hearts are 100% with you. We know we’re next.

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