Here is an inspirational blog post by Elizabeth Harper, psychic artist, color energy healer, spiritual guide, and author of  Wishing: How to Fulfill your Heart's Desires.

Like many others, I am privileged to see auras and sense energies. I don't need to be with a person to get their energy or to know when they are thinking about me. This has helped me over the years to see who is coming from an authentic place of love and who is not. It has often saddened me to discover that some of those who profess to spread the light and be messengers for spirit and the angels do not always shine the brightest light.

I do believe though that spirit know what they are doing. I feel that in some instances spirit choose certain people not because they are spiritual or coming from a place of love or that they are truly messengers of the Divine, but because they are business people and can get the word of spirit out there in one way or another, either through teaching, books, or through creating products.

I realized this for the very first time almost 20 years ago, when I saw a spiritual teacher address an audience of around 1000 people and yet his energy field was much smaller than it should have been, considering the work and message he had been sharing. I was shocked, but I knew that there was a reason for it - there is a reason for everything.

So, before you judge another for who they are and how they are living their lives, here are three thoughts for you to mull over.

WE ARE ALL ONE! Everyone is a part of you, so if someone does something that you do not agree with or does something bad to you, remember that this person is helping you on some level to shine your light even brighter. So bless them!

LOVE IS IN EVERYTHING YOU WISH TO ATTRACT! Yes, love really does make the world go around, but it also means that when you come from a place of love that this is what you attract to you. It doesn't mean you won't attract the opposite of love as well. Still, remember that spirit know what they are doing and sometimes the opposite energy comes to you so that you can transform it into love and you are essentially healing negative energy. So all you healers out there now know why you get dumped on!

EARTH IS A SCHOOLROOM!The only lesson you have in this school is that you are here to learn more about yourself and you do this by being in relationship with everyone and everything around you. Notice how you react in your world and make an intention to come from a place of love, to give love, to share love, and to be love - that goes for loving yourself too!


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