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Excerpt from Secret of Life Wellness

by Inna Segal

The link between unresolved negative emotions and disease is undeniable. Scientific research has shown that while negative thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions weaken the nervous and immune systems, positive emotions release endorphins and build health. Emotions such as depression, fear, anger, disappointment, unworthiness, worry, stress, sadness, hate, jealousy, and irritation can lead to headaches, colds, addiction, allergies, bloating, back pain, asthma, and cancer.

On a physical level, our emotions can literally alter our cell biology and therefore have a profound effect on our well-being. Toxic feelings and thoughts lead to a toxic body, while positive, healthy thoughts and attitudes relax our bodies, giving us more energy and zest for life.

This is not to say that all illness or sickness only comes from emotional issues, or that we can always heal just by dealing with our feelings. There are many different factors that can contribute to someone being unwell, including their environment, genetic predisposition, karma, beliefs, childhood experiences, ancestral and past-life memories, and any unhealthy lifestyle factors, like diet.

The other aspect many people don’t take into consideration is that we are energy beings. Though it seems like we only have a physical body, any person trained in the art of intuitive healing knows that we are multidimensional beings with several energy bodies. The energy bodies most easily recognized are the mental, emotional, etheric, and astral, although there are more. Most people have an overdeveloped mental body that contains feelings. Thus, when they are working on their emotions, they may think they are clearing them deeply when, in fact, they are just scratching the surface, changing their thoughts about the emotion rather than releasing the emotion itself. One of the ways to recognize that someone is working on feelings in their mental body is when they say, “I think I felt . . .” When you connect with your emotional body, you know it, as you deeply feel what is going on in your body and your life. You might feel a huge wave of sadness, cry, get angry, feel hurt, or be happy and joyful. The problem is that most people are so uncomfortable with their deepest feelings that they try to do anything they can to suppress and disconnect from the wisdom of their raw emotions.

Your emotional body is strongly linked with your immune, digestive, cardiovascular, and nervous systems. When you push away your emotions, your emotional body can become frozen or torn. If this happens, your immune system becomes greatly weakened, and you are more likely to develop autoimmune problems, inflammation, asthma, lupus, arthritis, and even cancer. You can feel overwhelmed and become extremely tired, sensitive to any type of stress. Your emotional body is your defense system against many illnesses.

You cannot truly let go of your emotions until you feel them fully, and utilize your breath, intention, and possibly touch to release them. There are many wonderful techniques that encourage you to tap, massage, affirm, visualize, move, delete, hum, listen to sounds, and pull out negative emotions from your body. Having been gifted with the capacity to see into the body, I have noticed that when people try to let go of their emotions without feeling the fullness of them, they often cut the ties to and suppress the emotions in their body. This, in turn, creates a tear or a scar in their emotional body, which is extremely sensitive.

It is very important to allow your emotions to come to the surface. This can be done by taking deep breaths, connecting to a particular memory, placing your hand on your body where you feel an emotion, listening to music, or saying a releasing statement aloud. Once the emotion has been fully acknowledged, meaning you have felt it as deeply as possible, you will experience a release of built-up energy. You may even cry and shake or laugh, but it will feel like you are being freed. This is a great time to tap or massage either the point of your body that feels uncomfortable or various points that relate to the issue you are working on. You can then move, shake, dance, or simply sit or lie down to allow your body to complete the process. The most important thing is to listen to your body and go with what it says.

When you read this, please keep in mind that everyone is different, and the best way to heal any challenge is to find a process that resonates with you.

Healing involves looking at your whole life, becoming conscious of what does not work, and fixing it. This may include transforming your point of view, starting to meditate, dealing with unresolved emotional issues, taking supplements, changing your diet, letting go of destructive relationships, changing jobs, and so forth.

Depending on what the physical problem is, you may also need to take medication or have surgery. Even if you have done everything right and surgery is recommended, you should consider it. Certain people may feel that taking medication or having surgery is a failure, but I don’t agree. I believe in having a balanced point of view and doing your research. The idea is to be flexible and give yourself the best chance of survival and the highest quality of life, while still participating in your own healing. It is safe to practice healing processes even if you are on medication, as long as you listen to your body and don’t overdo anything.

Medication, surgery, and even miracle healing are largely there to buy you time as you discover and work on the real cause of your physical challenge, and change your lifestyle. If you don’t, you are highly likely to re-create the illness. Even if doctors can cut out a malignant tumor, they cannot cut energy, which travels through your body impacting the next weakest link.

Humanity’s biggest misconception about healing and medical treatments is that most of these treatments have to be tough, violent, and painful. It is generally considered that illness or imbalance in the body is an enemy and that we must attack it in order to destroy it. An important key to healing is perceiving the body as a friend— listening to, understanding, and treating it with gentleness, love, and respect. I believe that the new way of healing is through softness, awareness, and compassion rather than aggression, condemnation, and punishment. As we learn to treat ourselves better, we will also experience a huge change in how we treat each other, our society, and the world.

Emotions and Disease

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