Excerpt from The Secret Language of Your Body

“Healing” means wholeness. Thus, in order to heal on all levels, we must consider all aspects that make great health possible.

Principle 1

Commit to making your health a priority. This means believing you are a valuable being, who deserves brilliant health and well-being. Making your health a priority also gives you the opportunity to examine your thinking. Are you open-minded and willing to explore the root causes of your disease or discomfort, and to work on releasing the negativity which may have contributed to your condition? Or is your definition of healing taking a pill and perhaps shutting down your body?

True healing means listening to the messages your body is trying to give you and then making changes, which creates ease and flow—rather than dis-ease and stuckness— in your body and your life.

Principle 2

Feel your emotions instead of keeping them buried. Many people spend much of their time thinking rather than feeling because they find the experience of “feeling” uncomfortable. When unwelcome feelings come up, they try to shut them down by being distracted, watching television, eating junk food, talking on the phone, reading a book, listening to music, smoking, taking drugs, and so forth. However, your feelings hold the key to your well-being. They tell you what is honoring you and what is not; if your life is flowing the way it’s meant to; and if you are moving in the wrong direction.

Your feelings give you the opportunity to expand, release pain, achieve your ideal weight, create change, and break down the armor that prevents you from experiencing health, peace, and joy.

Principle 3

Breathe consciously. Many people breathe shallowly, thus keeping the body tight, stagnant, and working harder. When you breathe slowly, deeply, and consciously, you feel your body, tune into your intuition, relax your mind, and purify the blood. You also experience an increase in energy and well-being as the breath circulates energy around your body.

Principle 4

Eat healthfully and consciously. Most people know what constitutes a healthy diet. Yet, in our stressed and busy lives, it is easy to go for fast food, which usually contains lots of fat, sugar, caffeine, and unhealthy chemicals. Often, people eat quickly and on the go without being aware of what they are eating, or truly tasting and enjoying their food. This leads them to eat more than their body requires.

Being healthy means eating healthy food that nourishes your body and gives you energy, vitality, and well-being. Taking time to create healthy food, which you eat slowly and chew consciously, gives your body the opportunity to heal and regenerate quickly and easily.

Principle 5

Move your body. Many people complain about feeling stagnant, depressed, uninspired, and overweight. However, each person has the ability to create an exercise program, which creates and maintains a desired weight, and helps one become strong, healthy, lean, and fit. Regular exercise can help you to feel better about yourself, to enjoy your body, to have more energy, to detoxify, and to heal. Plan an exercise program you will enjoy, such as walking, swimming, going to the gym, dancing, yoga, martial arts, tai chi, and so on.

Principle 6

Listen to your body. Recognize when you need to rest, play, have fun, and work. What are your cycles? When are you at your best? What can you do to make your life more productive? It is when people don’t listen to their bodies that stress, tension, fear, frustration, anxiety, and dis-ease set in. Take a break for a few minutes every couple of hours. Stretching, deep breathing, or even a short meditation can make the difference between feeling tired, stagnant, and stressed or feeling healthy, creative, and relaxed.

Principle 7

Be creative. Creativity allows you to relax, have fun, and explore. It gives you opportunities to learn, expand, and discover your talents. When people are creative, they are often more inspired, imaginative, and resourceful. Fun and creativity prolong your life, so find activities you can participate in to express yourself creatively.

Principle 8

Add more color to your life. Colors can make people feel heavy, depressed, and fatigued or light, vibrant, and joyful. Become aware of the colors that make you feel great and the qualities they have, and then add these colors to your life. This could mean painting your walls green because green makes you feel relaxed and tranquil, wearing a bright orange dress or shirt to feel vibrant, or bringing more flowers into your home for added renewal during the winter months. Whatever it is, make it colorful.

Principle 9

Make gratitude your attitude. Focus on all the great things you have in your life instead of thinking about what you don’t have, complaining about your lack and limitation. Remember, what you focus on grows; if you choose to focus on what you are unhappy about, it will multiply.

Principle 10

Make laughter a priority. For a long time, people believed that they needed a reason to laugh. However, the benefits of laughter are so great that laughing for laughter’s sake has become the motto for countless people all over the world who participate in “laughter clubs.” There is even laughter yoga, which teaches specific laughter exercises. Looking at life from a humorous angle allows you to let go of stress and heal faster.

Ten Basic Principles for Healing

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