Excerpt from Find Your Happy Daily Mantras
Day 1: I Am Abundant and Secure

By Shannon Kaiser

Now is the time to take care of your resources and focus on what you have. It will not serve you to focus on what you lack. Giving time, money, or energy to an organization you care about will help you feel more abundant and, therefore, create an abundant flow of resources to you. You are always safe and protected.

My worries and fears can sometimes get the best of me, but I know the truth is that I am always taken care of. The Universe has an abundant supply of everything I desire. I am protected and safe, and I allow myself to focus on what is good instead of what is not working. I release all lack mentality, the fear and inner critic, and turn to the abundance that is already apparent. I feel safe in the moment, and all my needs are always meet.

In what ways am I abundant?

Find Your Happy Daily Mantras

Find Your Happy Daily Mantras

The first mantra in this life-changing guide is just the beginning. Find Your Happy Daily Mantras provides 365 days of inspiration to cultivate self-awareness, inner peace, confidence, and overall happiness. Shannon Kaiser, inspirational author, speaker, and teacher, will lead you through a full year of positive thinking. Each mantra is accompanied by a deeper motivational message and questions to meditate on throughout the day. A guide to positive thinking, a tool to recovery, a weapon against negativity, Shannon’s words will lead you to a more consistently happy and productive daily life. This updated edition—with new daily mantras and new thought-provoking questions—is more than a guide to positive thinking. The wisdom contained in these pages will open your mind, heart, and spirit to create a more purposeful, healthy, and happy life. After sending love and kindness all through your body and mind every day, you will be able to connect to your true self and unapologetically live your authentic purpose.

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