Happy Pub Day! The Four Virtues is now available and we are excited for everyone to grab a copy and share your thoughts.

Tobin Hart, PhD has spent more than thirty years as a researcher and ally helping students, clients, and patients integrate their psychological and spiritual lives. He is sought out as an expert resource and keynote on children, spirituality, psychology, and education and was previously interviewed by Oprah! We anticipate that his new book will inspire readers around the country.

About The Four Virtues:

By drawing knowledge from across tradition and time, from neuroscience to ancient wisdom, Tobin Hart reveals that we all possess four essential virtues—presence, heart, wisdom, creation—that help us to build, balance, and integrate our psychological and spiritual life on earth. While these virtues may be universal, the way they live in each of us is unique. With a Spiritual Assessment Matrix (SAM) and expert practices and tools, this highly accessible, thought provoking guide shows each of us how to grow and activate these powers from the inside out.

Tobin has a down to earth approach in The Four Virtues, making it accessible to a variety of people.  With fun, insightful, and engaging quizzes, The Four Virtues is the type of book you will want to keep around and return to during certain moments in life.

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