Making Marks Weekly Series

Part 1

In this  stream drawing, a wooden figurehead signifies your personal navigation through time and space on earth, directing you to know that your thoughts and emotions “take you places”. Because it faces left (past) it reminds you to be aware of the ways past concepts of yourself can influence your current state. You may limit yourself or think you can’t do certain things based on past conditioning. Yet, the sight of a king facing forward speaks to taking direct and decisive action to step forward. The key is in knowing  what you love (rhino horn seen under the king). Being in touch with what you love about life lets you be a vibrational match to receiving what you love—you have only to remember and meditate on what you love about life, as though you have already received it as a way to welcome it (on an energetic level if you love it, it is yours already—and everything is created in the realm of ideas first before manifesting on the earth plane—so imagination is important here). The two “inner children” seen here urge us to be in the receptive mode via playfulness and by using our imaginations and to create visions into reality.


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