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Who Are You Really?

Discovering the real you with the Intuitive Life-Coaching Oracle

by Kelly T. Smith

The many different versions of you

It is fascinating to think about how many different versions of you there really are. If you think back 5 years ago, would you say that you are the exact same person you are today as you were then? Now go back 10 years and even 20 years. What is even more fascinating to think about is how many different versions of you there are right now. If you were to take 10 people that you know from different areas of your life and ask each one of them to give you an honest opinion of who they think you are, each one of them would say something different. For example, someone that know you from work, a distant family member, a close family member, an old friend you are no longer in contact with, someone you know from social media and so on. Chances are you play a different role in each one of these relationships. Sometimes, we play the role of the mother, the teacher, the friend, the co-worker, the wife, the husband, the father, the nurse, or the outcast, and at some point we could have even played the role of the hero, the victim, and even the villain in someone else’s story. It is easy to get stuck in the identity of the roles that we play but we have to remember that throughout life we will inhabit many different roles because it is a part of our spiritual evolution. We are all of them and none of them at the same time. As we become conscious and awaken to the true nature of who we really are, we rewrite our story and redefine the roles we play in our own life and the lives of others.

 Uncovering the real you

The real you is the part of you that is none of the roles that you play. It is pure source energy that came here to experience and grow from the roles that you play but also to remember that your true self is pure potential and love. As you release all of the labels and limiting beliefs about who you think you are, you make room for the highest version of you to express itself. This is why inner work is so important to your soul’s growth. It is because your personality construct (the ego)—that part of you that holds the identity of who you are and how you show up in the world—can often limit you. As you work toward releasing and shedding any and all limiting beliefs and experiences that have defined you up until this point in your life, you make space for the real you to emerge.

Using the Intuitive Life-Coaching Oracle to guide you through the process

The Intuitive Life-Coaching Oracle is a guide that brings you back to your center. It helps you uncover your lessons and your strengths. It helps you open your mind to a new perspective of what you want to create. It assists you with understanding your inner beauty and helps you discover the gifts you have to share with the world. It also helps you connect with the unseen support that is all around you and within you. It reminds you to direct your energy toward the things you want to create and that the world can be a magical place when you change the way you perceive it. When you ask to connect with your higher self, guides, and spiritual team, you will receive messages that will help you out of the mindset that causes you to feel disconnected from the real you. It is an inner journey to self-discovery and self-love.


Example of a 3-card reading:

Question: How can I move forward?

1st card / Situation (The energy around your question)

Like the caterpillar that emerges from its cocoon, you are about to get your wings.

You are currently undergoing a transformation, and this transformation has been taking place for quite some time. The Metamorphosis card comes to you today to tell you that you are at the end of this cycle.


Everything that you have experienced and all that you have learned is about to present itself to you in a way that causes your transformation to unfold. You are about to get your wings, so to speak. This is a time in your life when you will take all of your knowledge, your stories, your hardships, and your accomplishments and put them to practical use, to decide a new way to embark on your life’s path. You will begin to see the beauty in all that you have been through.

The transformation itself is a beautiful thing. Where you once were unsure, you are now clear. Where you once were insecure, you are now confident. Where you once were unhappy, you are now at peace. Where you once were lost, you are now found. Your transformation will be inspira­tional to others, and at times, they will wonder how you accomplished such an amazing feat. Enjoy these accolades and insights; the epiphanies will be plentiful.


2nd card / Emotional Challenge (The underlying feeling or emotion surrounding your question.)

You are learning that your capacity to love is directly related to your ability to love yourself.

At last, you are learning to love yourself; you are learn­ing to trust yourself; and most important, you are learning that your capacity to love others is directly related to self-love. Everything you think and feel about others will change when you learn to embrace and love yourself. You can never be truly happy and content until you do.


Let go of all of your judgments toward yourself and learn to see the Golden Buddha within. In your true essence, no matter what your life has been up to this point, you are a divine spark of light and love. No matter what you have been told about who you are, you are merely a reflection of what you believe you are in this moment and time.


This card comes to tell you that if you want to heal your relationships with other people, you have to start by healing your relationship with yourself. You are being asked to have compassion for where you are now and where you have been. Deliberately and purposely, start to redefine your relationship with yourself. Be good to yourself—be kind, do nice things, forgive—and see the beauty in who you really are. Have compassion, let go of blame, let go of the past, and let go of others’ opinions of you. Other people’s opinions are only a reflection of your opinions toward yourself.


Love yourself unconditionally, because you are beauti­ful and worthy of love.

3rd card / Coaching Advice (Action steps and higher guidance with regard to your question)

You are currently experiencing a lesson required for your spiritual evolution.

You may feel as if you are in the waiting room of life. If you feel like there is no movement or momentum, it is likely because you are experiencing a lesson that is required for your spiritual growth at this time. This is a soul lesson—something that you need to understand and learn before you end this cycle and begin a new one.

The way to shed light on these lessons is to look for repeated patterns. Do you tend to have unhealthy rela­tionships or do you gravitate toward situations that require you to sacrifice too much of yourself? If so, take a very close look at these situations, and ask yourself what it is that you need to learn so you can move forward. It could involve breaking free from old, limiting beliefs, such as fear of success, poverty consciousness, low self-worth, or normalized dysfunction.


The Spiritual Growthcard comes to encourage you to do the inner work necessary to learn your soul’s lesson. Then you can apply these lessons to open new doors that you never thought were available to you. Go within, and trust that you will soon see the beauty in this challenging situation. And once you learn this lesson, you will finally be free to choose a new song and dance.

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