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Do you self-sabotage?

Give yourself an oracle card reading using the Self- Sabotage spread

by Kelly T. Smith


The first step to overcoming a self-defeating pattern is to bring it into your awareness. Often times we are very aware of the thing we are doing that is holding us back, but we do not understand why we are doing it. This is where the Intuitive Life-Coaching Oracle can be a useful tool. When we ask the right questions, we receive the right answers. Once we understand the “why,” we can work toward positive changes. When we bring forward what was once hidden from our conscious mind into the light, it no longer holds as much power over our behaviors. To accomplish this, we need to silence our thinking mind and connect within. Our inner world holds the key to any and all self-healing and transformation.


Why do we self-sabotage?

We do it because we fear change and the unknown. To self-sabotage is to remain in control of our situation. It is safe to stay exactly as we are because at least then we know what the outcome will be. So we have built up walls around our mind that act as barriers to moving forward. And even though we put them there ourselves, we start to believe that there is something outside of us that is keeping us stuck. But no matter what your mind tells you, there will always be this part of you that is yearning to escape. There will always be this part of you that wants more, that needs to express itself, that desires to experience life to the fullest and that urges you to let go and trust. The more you ignore this part of you the more trapped you will feel. The key to tearing down the imaginary walls in your mind is to understand and learn what they are made out of.

Your walls might be made out of beliefs and experiences that tell you that you are not good enough, smart enough or even worthy enough. They could be made out of beliefs that say it is not safe to be seen or to shine too bright. Everyone’s walls are made out of different beliefs about who they have convinced themselves that they are. When you silence your mind, you stop giving energy to the very thing that keeps your walls from tumbling down. When you begin to put your focus and attention on your inner world, you start to add energy to the real you and the real you will begin to get louder and louder.

You may be creating pain for yourself by standing in your own way.

You have convinced yourself that you can’t move forward, but in truth, you may be holding yourself back out of fear. We often sabotage ourselves by assuming that something is not possible, that we will fail, or that we are not good enough. And when we do, we miss the golden opportuni­ties that come along, never even knowing they are there!


Self-sabotage is a form of self-punishment: you keep yourself from evolving or succeeding in life, which causes a great deal of inner pain. But you are not meant to be stagnant; you are meant to grow, evolve, and expand.


With the appearance of this card, you are being asked to go within to identify all the different ways you keep your­self from moving forward in your life. This card also shows up for you today as a reminder that you have something amazing to share with the world. If you are hiding, pro­crastinating, and making excuses, you are missing out on something very exciting by getting in your own way.


Let go of your fear of the unknown; allow yourself to step into your greatness! Stay away from fatalistic assump­tions, and instead, use your imagination to propel you into abundance! If you can believe it with your whole heart, anything is possible!


Self-Sabotage reading

You can use this spread to assist you with diving deep into the hidden aspects of your subconscious mind and inner world, to gain clarity and a deeper understanding of this pattern from within you. This spread can be used with any deck but is especially created for the Intuitive Life Coaching Oracle.

Preparing for your reading

Decide on the oracle card deck you will be using for your reading. Hold your deck in the palms of your hands and imagine filling it with your energy. Take in as many deep breaths as you need to quiet your mind. Imagine that you are dropping into your center. When you feel centered, say a prayer to guide you.

Example Prayer: Dear Source (God)

Thank you for guiding me with the cards and through my inner connection. Thank you for helping me understand the root of my self-sabotage. Thank you for helping me to bring it into the light and to release it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Shuffle your cards and begin to draw a card for each position

Card #1 (limiting belief) Where you are now

Card #2 (desire) Where you want to be

Card #3 (obstacle) What you need to overcome or let go of

Card #4 (resistance) The changes you need to make

Card #5 (your potential) What you can achieve when you let go and allow yourself to move forward


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