“An angel appears, facing the past while holding a (yellow) shield and a “new leaf”—meaning that even as you look back on the past (how your life was last year at this time, perhaps) an angel is there to help you cultivate a new way of living. The past is gone and new ways are upon you—know you are not alone in this momentous time! Trust that an angel helps soothe anything about the past that lingers or causes negative emotion. This angel’s shield of light (yellow) protects you, even from your own thoughts and perceptions that you have outgrown. There is a number 2 (mother-daughter-sister energy) with a number 4. This signifies that in order to be and feel secure, you don’t have to always stress and put in so much effort, you can simplify it all by being receptive and open. Some of the best things flow your way without so much strife and effort. With that, there is an anvil, symbolic of forging iron—not easy! The ways in which you have worked hard to create the life you’d most like to live, do serve you and that dedication is spiritually known and acknowledged. A ram below the anvil suggests “sacrifice”—how have you sacrificed to get where you are today? Was it worth it? We all do make sacrifices at times, and you are allowed to question the value in it for yourself and others. Choose wisely for yourself now. The dove of peace is seen, with a guide, in the form of soul purpose (number 8, or the infinity symbol) as if to literally say, “Be at peace.” It is said that our unhappiness comes from wanting life to be different from the way it is and this makes sense. Be at peace first and in calm quiet before you decisively determine how you’d like to shape life now at this point. Face the future without fear. If you are in an intolerable situation, align with peace inside yourself before and as you make those decisions for change. If you are in a state of peace, the outcome will be more beneficial because, inwardly, you’ll have integrated your embodiment with spiritual grace. This is not to be confused with being passive, but rather being extremely empowered from a place of love." 

Elaine Clayton


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