A guide (seen at bottom) shines a big spotlight on “now” as if to illuminate the present, which has enough vibrant energy to keep you from worrying about the past or future. Two horses are present here, representing personal power, majestic beauty and playfulness. Being a “work horse” is one thing but frolicking is natural, yet not enough work and too much play also isn’t as ideal. A “fairy godmother” touches her wand to the crown of one horse, suggesting wishes can certainly be fulfilled— focus on striking a balance between all life’s hard stuff and the leisurely. At the center of the stream drawing is an open scroll, which signifies your Akashic Record, or soul scroll. What did you chart for your soul to experience? Between these two horses is the spiritually written promise and plan you laid out for yourself for life.  Are you with like-kind people (#6) who support your mission? Open to feminine divine (#2=swan) to align with your passionate heart to live out your soul chart. The heart is aflame with love. Best question of the week is to ask, “What do I love?” Write it all down, that list of all you love. Staying aligned with your own ideals is the way to experience the most harmony. An eagle (The Great Spirit) signifies how important you and your life/soul chart plan is to all of humanity. 

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