Recent changes have forced you to find your luck in all new ways. The image of a happy-go-lucky pink poodle (suggesting lighthearted but possibly superficial aspect) rubs the belly of the Buddha in a past position. This is a little ritual done to make wishes for abundance, but are you that person you were pre-pandemic? And do you still have a lighthearted disposition? Has the pandemic caused you to go deeper? How did you make wishes before the pandemic? Do you still have the same optimism as you did then or does it seem like wishes can’t be fulfilled? The line follows directly to center connecting you to the answer: create! Be playful and open to generating your good luck now from inside out through some form of creative activity you enjoy. Make your wishes while lost in the trance of creative bliss. A number 6 emphasizes being with “like-kind” and those truly receptive to your creative spirit (this number comes up a lot lately— collectively must decide who is truly good for us to spend time with, and who might present toxic emotion or situations). A bird faces past, flying under a rainbow. This signifies harmony and getting a view of the self-in-past that will benefit you— you have protection and remember even the worst mistakes are that which showed you what you want and what you do not want— if you regret anything, let it be simply that you learned and won’t repeat patterns that make you feel bad. In furthermore future aspect here is a soldier in a bearskin hat, like the Guards at Buckingham Palace. This guard is ready for focused defense (sword at the ready). But the guard doesn’t fight for himself, he fights for the Sovereign Queen. What do you honor and what are you willing to fight for in life? This guard also suggests change, change, change. Marching through change but ready for it. Structuring life so change is as orderly as possibly will help you preserve your best ideals for your life and help you get through uncomfortable times. Turning this stream drawing we see a sage in a robe. He carries all his belongings as he journeys onward. This is an ancient and wise guide who will accompany you this week. No matter what may come, you can go forth in calm assurance that you do have what it takes to embrace life’s travails—they are adventures. 
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