Making Marks Weekly Series: Part 5

by Elaine Clayton

This week— the ship has left the port and the wayfarer journeys on. This theme has been present in recent stream drawings as we collectively grapple with the way our world has changed. We travel onward with big questions. What is your biggest question for creating life anew in this forced transition from the world you knew and functioned in to the place that is unknown? A cowboy in a huge ten-gallon hat has all the confidence in the world upon arrival— this archetype represents our unknowns and the way in which we literally pioneer through space and time during life. The presence of a cowboy forces us to reflect also on new territory and justice— wherever we go, are we arriving with a sense of fairness or dominance and ruin? We can stomp our way into new places but being ethical and responsible in our progress forward matters most. There is a number 3 and a “piece of cake” (signifying unity vs. splitting or triangulating situations and people) conveying that this new life being created should all be easy. Yet we can’t have our cake and eat it, too, as the saying goes. So let the number 3 get us into mind-body-spirit harmony rather than urge us to split up and destroy what unity we do have based on a desire to have what we want regardless of how it might affect those around us. The presence of a green thumb with a new growing stem and leaf— and a heart— suggests the way onward is simple. Cultivate good life, that which nurtures, and remember, nothing is worth it without love. Setting an intention to embody love allows for all our movement through forced changes and choices, to be golden and triumphant. It’s a great week to accept change and embrace some mystery with the will to bring love wherever you roam.




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