Joel Roberts

This weekend I was in the presence of a media master. My head is still spinning from his endless stream of brilliant observations.  On Thursday I flew down to LA to attend a three-day workshop on all things media from the ingenious Joel Roberts.

Joel is a giant name in the publishing business.  You know those eloquent and perfectly tailored three-minute interviews you see on the Today show from NYT Bestsellers? More often than not, Joel is the guy behind the precision.  He’s worked with everyone from Kenny Loggins to Jack Canfield (and quite a few Beyond Words Authors) on the art form of a beautifully crafted 30-second “who am I?”.  The former radio host of KABC’s Primetime program in Los Angeles, Joel was on blast to millions for ten years.  It seems natural that someone who once was the media would have the best advice for how to reach them effectively.

Here’s just a sampling of some of the wisdom Joel shared in regards to talking with the media:

1)   Balance Humanity with Expertise
-Be sure to highlight your credentials but don’t forget to hit on heartstrings.

2)   Always know the problem you are the solution too.
-Provide vivid details for both.

3)   Get Concrete
-Numbers, Names, Nouns.

Joel is an amazing resource for anyone interested in honing their media skill - from authors to business owners.  You can check out his website here -

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