Are you in a book club? I have been a card-carrying member for about 6 months and have enjoyed all of our talks. But what if book club wasn't just once a month, what if it was every day? I don't mean reading a book a day, but if you were to read a book that didn't stop at the discussion. What if it was a book that could change how you lead your day-to-day life? And your book club could act as a sort of support group.

The Generosity Plan

One book that I think would be incredible for a book group is The Generosity Plan by philanthropist Kathy LeMay. She encourages the reader to use their time, treasure, and talent to change the world through creating what she calls "Generosity Plans." First you determine what you care about most, then how you personally can help on a regular sustained basis. Kathy's stories, insights, and encouragement could help transform your book club into a Generosity Club.

Most Good, Least Harm

Another book that would make a great choice is Most Good, Least Harm by humane educator, Zoe Weil. It's slightly environmental, slightly, humanitarian, completely transformative. Zoe gives readers tons of suggestions for how to start living a Most Good or MoGo life including living your epitaph and shopping at second-hand stores. And if your group wants to delve even further into humane education Zoe gives online classes through her Institute for Humane Education.

Generation Fix

For those intrepid readers out there who have yet to find their literary match, what about a family book club? Our young adult title Generation Fixhas some incredible stories of teens who decided they weren't too young to have a global impact. Maybe this book could inspire your family to be a cause for good. Talk about family bonding! Who needs game night when you could become a team to change the world.

Because of the kinds of books we publish I can't help but think of the community we are creating with every title we send out into the world. We consider it an honor and strive to support those communities as best we can. With you, we can all be the change we want to see in the world.

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