The Sacred Promise

Over the last week, we have had the immense honor of have THREE of our content providers on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. As we posted earlier, Dr. Gary Schwartz, author of The Sacred Promise, shared his insights on The Spirit World on January 11th. He did a fantastic job, and we were still riding the high of the great reaction he got, when we got word  that another one of our authors, John Gabriel, was going to be on for their Health Special on January 12th. Even with such short notice, John got a remarkable response as well causing his Amazon numbers to jump.

The Gabriel Method

As if that weren't enough, on January 17th, one of our filmmakers, William Gladstone was a guest on their Gas Prices, Society, & Technology show sharing how to develop abundance and happiness in one's life. He drew from his book and DVD Tapping the Source to share techniques that anyone can use to engage with the most powerful source in your life—yourself.

Tapping the Source

We are thrilled that Coast to Coast has chosen to feature so many of our authors this early in the year. I have always thought that our books are perfect for anyone searching for a fresh start and January is the perfect time to find one! Even though it's the middle of the month, Happy New You!

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