The Inner Blueprint for Reality is Changing
Excerpt from Transparency: Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity

It may help to see transformation not as a sudden occurrence but as the natural continuation of a process that’s been steadily progressing on earth for ages. It is not something that will affect everyone at once on a certain date; people will awaken at their own pace over a period of years. Nevertheless, life is ever-evolving and constantly transforming, and we are reaching an important crescendo. The pressure is on!

When you penetrate into the evolution and transformation of life on earth, you see that the pattern for its unfolding develops first in the nonphysical realms of energy-and-consciousness, creating an inner blueprint, which then precipitates into a physical process. This is the way all events and forms take shape. As the frequency of the inner energy-and-consciousness blueprint increases, reality materializes faster and functions according to more refined, elegant principles. The unseen and the seen always parallel each other. As evolution and transformation streamline, you and your life go through frequency-matching jumps or revisions. Letter-writing shifts to phone calls to Post-it notes and emails to texting with abbreviations to video chatting. As above, so below. Everything is accelerating.

Sometimes the higher pattern translates easily into form; you may experience this as sudden exciting innovations, perfect solutions to complex problems, or the magical convening of harmonious, like-minded groups. Yet all too often, the physical world is thick with negativity and overlays of long-term, locked-in beliefs and habits, and the higher energy can’t penetrate the density to translate into new forms easily or accurately. Then the energy builds up until it can find a way to break through, often by creating cracks in the firmament—dramas, traumas, accidents, and shocks.

At a societal level, this might be events like the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger in 1986, September 11 in 2001, or the global financial crisis of 2007–2008. At a personal level, it might be the death of a loved one, the loss of a good job, or finding out you have a difficult disease. Though these breakthroughs are disruptive, they serve as wedges to open us to new realities and more expansive thinking. And yet, once some space is revealed, the higher pattern still has to find the right new physical expression around and through the confusion caused by the sudden breakthrough, which can take some time.

As reality’s inner blueprint evolves toward transformation, it affects you personally in ripples or waves, like surf at the beach. When you’re open, you roll with each wave, adjust to it, and clear any blockages in the way. This catalyzes positive change in your perception of how life works. For example, you might suddenly experience time differently, see how the nonphysical and physical worlds are merged, or realize you might not want to use so much willpower or plan too far ahead because goalsetting and accomplishment don’t work the same way anymore.

The greater dynamic of what’s happening, however, is little understood by people whose main focus is physical. They don’t see the nonphysical part of the process yet and tend to assume the world is spiraling toward destruction. These people resist the wave and can be battered by it. Ironicially, the waves are actually helping us clear the clutter in the way of our transparency.

Without full comprehension of the stages of transformation, when the speed of life jumps up a notch or two, people rooted in the physical often panic and retreat into mental and emotional paralysis or reactionary behavior. This blocks the flow of the wave, makes things more difficult, creates chaos, and drains energy. Instead of welcoming the new energy, which can carry them through and beyond their stuckness, many people equate the early clearing stage of transformation with high pressure, negativity, stuckness, disillusionment, depression, overwhelm, or hopelessness.

Yet far from being negative, these contracted states are important precursors to clarity. They point the way to what needs to be dissolved; the waves are bringing these things to the surface. Clearing fear and negativity—and remembering your spiritual core identity—is what becoming transformed, or transparent, is all about. Then you can reframe your attitude about what’s happening to eliminate unnecessary roadblocks and detours. You can take advantage of today’s high-frequency energy and ride the wave instead of drowning in it.

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