Transformation Begins with a Shake-Up
Excerpt from Transparency: Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity

For transformation to occur, attachment to the way your “old” reality has always functioned must be loosened, shaken, upset, and seen as dysfunctional, boring, and even painful. You must want something better. The first waves of people who wake up to this desire and sense the ultimate outcome, embrace the process as much as they can. They disengage enough from old beliefs and definitions that openings can occur; chinks can form in the walls so new energy and Light can pour through. You are certainly in these first waves.

The energy-and-consciousness that rises through the new porousness in your body, mind, and emotions—and even in society—brings glimpses of a better, easier, more enjoyable way of living. Once you catch sight of the potential new reality, you start tracking with the process and want more. The more you yearn and search, the bigger the openings become. The bigger the openings, the more of the transformed reality you can sense, understand, and handle. Yearning continues but now there’s more certainty. You talk about what you notice, and other people become curious and wake up too.

We awaken in stages, as we’re ready. It’s true that you’re never given more than you can handle, and as soon as you’re ready for more, it comes.

Both the descent of Truth into the lower nature and the ascent of the lower nature into the higher Truth are capable of solving the problem of problems, the illumination of human consciousness. They are equally effective and have an equal speed.
—Sri Chinmoy

The World Is Accelerating

The vehicle for shaking up the old reality and making life uncomfortable enough that people want to move beyond it is due to one phenomenon: the acceleration of the frequency of energy in the planet. We don’t know what’s causing it, but the acceleration affects matter and, thus, our bodies, which are made from matter. It also affects our experience of time—children grow up faster, results and repercussions to our words and deeds occur in less time, our computers and tech gadgets need updating more often, and innovations flood the marketplace.

The acceleration also affects the frequency of our emotions and the kind of thoughts we think. Emotions based in fear—like distrust, hatred, apathy, disdain, or envy—vibrate relatively slowly compared to emotions like love, joy, affection, enthusiasm, kindness, or appreciation. Thoughts that are fixed—opinions, beliefs, credos, and dogma, for example—vibrate at a lower frequency than thoughts that are fluid, such as inspiration, curiosity, imagination, or intuition.

As the vibration on earth accelerates, negative emotions and thoughts are more difficult to maintain. We eventually come to see them as a waste of time and life force—something that stalls our progress. We prefer higher frequency feeling and thinking that allow fluidity.

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