“It is important to remind ourselves of love.” --Beyond Words Mission and Values
Here at Beyond Words, we believe love is essential. The love of others and the love of ourselves. Valentine’s Day doesn't have to be one m ore stressed-filled holiday. This year, celebrate one of the most important people in your life and honor yourself with love. To celebrate, we put together a list of our Top 5 Favorite Books To Treat Yourself this Valentine’s Day. What are your favorites?

In Her Power—by Helene Lerner

Stop self-sabotaging behavior and unlock your true, feminine empowerment. In Her Power uses practical exercises and first-person stories to give women the tools needed to achieve confidence, creativity, and intimacy in every aspect of life—from work to personal relationships to sex. In Her Power is gentle but firm, compassionate yet disciplined, and eminently useful.

A Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids—by Margot Datz

Revitalize the she-nymph within! The mermaid metaphor speaks to the intuitive, mischievous, untamable spirit of all modern women. Whether it’s the value of cultivating an inner water garden, or coping with crow’s feel and fish tails, this book offers graceful advice and an enchanting way of seeing. It’s whimsical wisdom also playfully addresses many of the more serious issues of courtship, self-esteem, and feminism today. Coy, sweetly mischievous, and a pinch sagacious, this is a book of bubble bath wisdom. And, like a martini, it can be sipped or downed in one reading.

The Truth About Beauty—by Kat James

Beauty is not about hard work after all—if you have the right tools. This revolutionary guide peels away the layers of conventional body and beauty wisdom to uncover the crucial missing information needed for real transformation. Nationally renowned beauty and holistic health expert Kat James reveals the life-altering secrets she discovered after more than a decade of self-destructive living, and an eating disorder that almost took her life.

Dating From the Inside Out—by Paulette Sherman, PhD

Each of us deserves to love and be loved in return. How can you find real, deep, and lasting love in a world that appears so superficial? Rather than looking at the world of dating like an obstacle course to be conquered, Dr. Paulette Sherman show that it can become an enlightening journey toward love that begins from within.

Wild Feminine—by Tami Lynn Kent

Reveal the amazing potential of the female body: the potential to create, to heal, and to transform the energy of a woman’s everyday life, Journey deep into the heart of your body and radically shift your relationship with your spirit and body. Wild Feminine gives you tools to awaken and retrieve your ancient wild self, restore your creative energy, and reconnect to your sacred center.

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