A pocket companion of self-discovery, There’s a Hole in My Sidewalk has quickly become my go-to book for quick, humorous, inspirational bits that enlighten my day. And now, with the beautiful 35 th anniversary edition, this book has found a permanent spot in my purse.
“These pieces have had a bit of trouble finding a comfortable concept that would knit them into one book…just as I have had difficulty molding a multi-faceted misfit into one person.”
Portia Nelson first released what she referred to as a book of “pieces of me” in 1977. Since then, There’s a Hole in My Sidewalk has gone on to become a well-loved classic. Portia’s humor, inspiration, and insight have touched thousand’s of people. Her poems provide a clear, honest depiction of self-reflection, inner conflict, and personal struggle all with a clear message of hope in the end. Portia was a true renaissance woman who made waves as an actress, singer, author, composer, painter, and more. In this timeless classic, Portia has shared with us a legacy that will last the ages. Let this book help you find a “small pin-point of self-awareness” and strip away the false images. After all, as Portia says:
“Knowing one’s own feelings and being able to trust them is the difference between existing and living.”
Also, download the free poster featuring the poem “An Autobiography in Five Short Chapters”.

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