What is Self-Care for Your Soul?

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By Sara Wiseman, author of Messages from the Divine

My inbox is filled with emails from conscious people the world over.

  • People struggling with illness.
  • People who’ve had great loss.
  • People confused by the chaos of life.
  • People who are waking up.
  • People who’ve been awake for a long time.

Even though I work in the spiritual field every day, I continue to be surprised by the depth of these people, both emotionally and spiritually.

What I see is this: what is reflected in our current news cycle is not the true picture.

Instead, what is happening on a soul level, in the hearts of millions of people all over the world, is a vastly different and very hopeful.

There is compassion in this world, and great love

There is compassion in this world, and great love.
There are many with vast spiritual understanding.
This is spreading.

There is a tipping point that happens, when we start to live from our souls, when we start to practice self-care for the soul. It’s a tipping point in consciousness, when suddenly, out of the blue, there are more people awake than asleep.

This is where we are heading, even though what you read on your devices may try to tell a different story. And this is why self-care for the soul is so important.

Not just because it helps you and me.
But because it lifts all of us

Entering the Divine Portal

Entering the Divine Portal

Recently, I created a new podcast series that teaches each of the 66 lessons in my book Message from the Divine.This series contains many hours of teaching, and it’s all a gift for you here.


Because whenever you read or listen to something, you enter a Divine portal. When you read or listen to uplifting information, your spirit flies free into other realms and dimensions, and you’re able to access that still voice that is God within you.

In this space of gentle awareness, created by the portal of reading or listening, you receive memories see visions, have glimpses of the future, have deep knowing. This happens every time we enter this state of stillness through reading or listening—it is a very simple way to activate our soul selves.

We often forget self-care for the soul. We eat right, we go to the gym, we try to limit stress.

But really, the most important thing you can do is to create direct connection with the Universe—to go into that inner space and place where the Universe can reach you, and simply be.

And if you are practicing self-care for the soul, you will find yourself craving to connect with the Universe not just daily, but many times a day. This is because connection to Source isn’t’ just something you “do”. It's who you are.

The more you understand this, and the more you experience this, the more your life begins to move in Flow—that is, the more the Universe can guide you to a place where things are easy, enjoyable and peaceful.

When we practice this self-care for the soul—not just as a daily meditation or yoga class or whatever—but as a continual way of being, we start to change.

Old hurts drop away.
We let go of our story.
We feel connected.
We find comfort.
We find peace.

The Collective is Awakening

The Collective is Awakening

When we talk about collective soul, what we are really talking about is the Universe/Divine/God/One/All.

Many words that all mean the same thing—we’re part of God, everyone else is part of God, we’re all part of each other and everything. And this interconnection—our lack of separation—is making itself known in the world, and this is causing quite a stir as souls are waking up!

People who were once asleep are now feeling the nudges of the Universe, and this can be uncomfortable. It means we are being asked to release old ideas and misbeliefs, including racism, genderism or other ways we think we’re separate from each other.

This can be difficult if you were raised on ideas of separation, or if you’ve gotten used to living in drama, shame and pain, or if you send a lot of time in the past. It can be uncomfortable to let go of the stories we tell ourselves, and just look at who we are now.

And when you have a lot of souls waking up all at once, they can be cranky!

So, as a conscious person who is expanding more each day, part of your plan can be to double down on your spiritual self-care—to practice, even more than before, self-care of the soul.

It will help you in this chaotic world. And of course as you are lifted, so is everyone. We are all part of collective soul, working our way to consciousness.

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