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Steer Your Course

Guest blog from Andrea Adler and Sheila Lewis, authors of Spanda Cards for the Entrepreneurial Spirit: Bridging Ancient Wisdom and Business Acumen

We all want circumstances to go our way, especially when we are passionate about a project we are committed to. Throwing ourselves into something we love reduces stress, resolves uncertainty, and puts us in partnership with our destiny. But what happens when the project, a great job, or the gig ends? We may feel crushed and crash, or we may feel we are at loose ends, like sailing through unchartered waters. Calling upon our inner reserves and resilience to navigate to the next port—even when we are feeling uncertain—is a start.

There’s no one way to steer a new course and align with our destiny; we each have baggage to let go of, nudges to follow, faded dreams to dust off. We use steer here to imply letting go of control while allowing ourselves to be guided gracefully to a desired destination. And if you’re not sure what that is, this story may inspire you:

A young entrepreneur had a great passion for water.

A young entrepreneur had a great passion for water. He wanted to live near water, create a career around water, protect water, and share its beauty and fragility through underwater photography and the safe diving gear he designed. At first, he tried the course set out for him, going to college like all his friends. But he felt the pull of the water, and started a risky diving business abroad, even when everyone tried to talk him out of it. He pursued his mission and destiny. It led him to the Flow of success, a long and happy career and family life.

The story illustrates how when you steer your course with persistence—even through turbulence—you become a magnet for the people and opportunities you want to attract. Hold on to your dreams, even if no one believes in them but you. The Sufi saint, Rumi, reinforces this message: “What I want also wants me, is looking for me, and attracting me…There is a great secret in this for anyone who can grasp it.”

Rumi’s words can bolster your wavering entrepreneurial spirit. So, too, timeless wisdom can shift your mental outlook, rock the boat, and connect you to a place where creative leaps happen. The steadfast oars of meditation and contemplation will also help you stay on course, as we share in the Spanda cards. Here’s a meditation you can do anytime:

Sit still and breathe deeply with your eyes closed. Visualize water, boats rocking, a river, an ocean, a lake, waterfalls, etc. Are you flowing with the current, or against it?

Are you flowing with the current, or against it

Open your eyes. Think about an issue that comes to mind, and when you can, contemplate further. Head for the nearest shore and watch the boats—and life—sail by.

Finally, (not to go overboard on water imagery!) our parting words: Rock the boat. Make waves. Steer your ship. And contemplate Spanda card 1.

Spanda Cards for the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Steer Your Ship

When you steer a ship,

you partner with the water.

There is an ebb and flow.

Instead of forcing your influence,

navigate in partnership.

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October 08, 2018

This is so inspiring! Just the message I needed today!

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