Get up. Go to work. Come home. Go to sleep. Repeat. Sound familiar? Routines can be stabilizing forces in our lives, but by their very nature they can put us on autopilot. We perform them without noticing the little things that make each day special—the smell and taste of that first cup of coffee, the softness and comfort of our beds after a long day, the lush green trees rushing by on our drive to work. So how do we find that magic in our everyday routines? On our Soul Awakening cruise next February our inspiring speakers will offer simple ways to rediscover that sense of wonder in even the smallest things.

Visionary teacher of spiritual intuition and top contributor to the DailyOm, Sara Wiseman believes that, “Bliss is a vibrational state; it is a state of awareness. We speak about the Universe having particular layers and levels of dimensionality, and we can enter these at will. The bliss state is no different—it is a dimensional state we can enter. For example, when we begin to hold attention to every little thing, we begin to feel wonder and gratitude, and in this way, we begin to experience bliss—we cross the veil from the dimension of pain and distraction, to the dimension of bliss."

Former TV writer/producer and co-founder of Sedona World Wisdom Days Jerry Gilden advises us to look to animals to see what true happiness looks like. “I often rediscover my bliss with the animals in my life. They find such joy and happiness in the NOW and are wonderful teachers. When I ask my dogs if they want to go for a ride in the car, they get excited, wag their tails, and jump in. They don’t ask “Where are we going?”, “What should I wear?”, or “Who’s going to be there?” They just enjoy the moment and go with the flow. What a great lesson to learn for our own daily bliss.”

World peace artist and philosopher Andrea Smith believes that “we are obligated to find whatever it is that we love to do and then do it. I feel bliss when I’m engaged in painting or writing. It’s like time doesn’t exist when I’m doing either of those things. I feel the same way in temples in Egypt or when I’m hiking. Any time all of our bodies are being activated, we’re experiencing bliss, but it’s up to us to find what it is that creates that feeling."

So join us on our Caribbean cruise next February for rejuvenating sessions of yoga and meditation, and workshops on how to rediscover that sense of joy and gratitude for the little things.