Guest post by Hollister Rand.

“Your son is giving me a sense that you haven’t been feeling him around you,” I reported to a mother who confirmed that this was accurate. “He wants you to know that he hasn’t gone away,” I added. Through tears, she told me that when her son first passed, she felt him all the time but that was no longer the case. She had been asking him Are you angry with me? Have I been asking too much of you? Am I holding you back?

This mother is not alone in her misinterpretation of a very natural shift in the way the spirits communicate as time on earth goes by. This shift is the result of aligning with the higher frequencies of the spirit world, not a pulling away from loved ones left behind.

As spirits adapt to the energetic environment of the afterlife, their communication may become more subtle, but they do want make an impact! Spirits are the original influencers. To help you recognize how the spirits may be present and guiding you in daily life, here are some indicators:

  1. Those living in the spirit world often express a great sense of humor. Where there is laughter, the spirits are also present. “So I was being pranked!” exclaimed a sister in response to a message I gave her from her brother in spirit. He had showed me a vision of squirrel (of all things) chasing his sister down the sidewalk. She explained that this had happened the day before and she was sure that he had been behind it. While her brother was on earth he called squirrels his “power animal” (LOL). When something outrageously odd happens, especially with the animals around us, they might be under the influence of spirits!
  1. Spirits provide inspiration for positive changes in our lives. A young man who came for a session looking for a career change was surprised when his cousin in spirit, who had died at age 15, gave the message that he helped coordinate a meeting with a high end fashion brand.
  1. High levels of synchronicity validate a connection to the spirits. In other words, the more often seemingly random events are grouped in meaningful ways, the greater the connection, and therefore, influence.

For instance, when I called a friend to take her out for her birthday, I suggested a new vegetarian place in town. “Really? I just signed up for a cooking class there!” she exclaimed.  Then she shared with me that she had been inspired recently to improve her health but hadn’t known exactly how. One of her birthday gifts was a cookbook about a plant-based diet. Also on her birthday, she received an email about a vegetarian cooking class from a friend she hadn’t heard from in years. And then, I called to take her to dinner at that very same restaurant. What are the odds of all this happening on her birthday, shortly after she asked to make a change? This kind of synchronicity is the spirit equivalent of shouting YES!!!! Remember: high levels of synchronicity are synonymous with high levels of spirit influence in our lives.

There may be days and times when missing loved ones in spirit can be especially intense. It is during those times when feeling their presence and influence is extremely important. By paying attention to the funny things that happen, the responses of the natural world around us, inspiration and high levels of synchronicity, we can be assured of the spirits’ guidance.