“Life is a miracle” is a nice, tidy cliche we see on t-shirts and mugs and bumper stickers all the time, but do we ever stop to think about what it really means? About how every moment that we’re alive is actually a gift, whether our present circumstances are ideal or far from it. It can be downright impossible to feel like you can manifest a miracle when you’re living through an exceptionally painful time or coming to grips with past trauma. On our Soul Awakening cruise next February, our range of dynamic speakers will give you all the tools you’ll ever need to manifest miracles every day, and help you develop a deeper connection to the one true spirit that lives within us all.

DailyOm contributor and Intuition University founder Sara Wiseman puts it bluntly: “We don’t need to manifest miracles. We simply need to notice them as they show up. Billions of miracles are happening in every moment; when we begin to pay exquisite attention to absolutely everything, we soon see our life is miracle-filled. Our mind/personality ego may think it wants or needs a specific miracle to make us happy, but this is not so. When we open to the miracle of every moment—really open to it—we are filled with a sense of grace and wonder. The simple act of noticing Now will fill us completely.”

Former TV writer/producer and cofounder of Sedona World Wisdom Days Jerry Gilden believes that we live in an “'ask and you shall receive' Universe. Simply put, if you have the intention to experience a miracle, before you know it, one will manifest.  Understand that we cocreate alongside the source creator.  Also know that whatever we want in life we should also be willing to give.  So if you want to manifest a miracle, you must first see how you can create a miracle.  Your miracles will be returned tenfold.”

Having the courage to ask for a miracle is the critical thing for world peace artist Andrea Smith. “We get nothing without asking. Our perception colors our world. A miracle is just a shift in our perception. Nothing changes other than our mind. We must ask for a miracle and recognize that we need one. Sometimes we just get stuck in our mind in a corner and cannot get out of it. We spin our mental wheels but go nowhere other than in circles. A miracle is where God comes in and undoes the mental tangle we have created with our stuck thoughts. The really important thing is that we have to ask. That is the whole thing.”

Miracles happen every day. You just need to learn how to see them, because they’re so often hidden in plain sight. On our Soul Awakening cruise next February, you’ll learn how to manifest them in your everyday, and how to live in a way that you start to see them everywhere you go.