For as vast and omnipresent as it is you’d expect Spirit to make a big entrance into our lives, bellowing down from mountaintops or skywriting its name in the clouds. In fact, Spirit shows up in the least conspicuous ways. It’s easiest to find when we’re silent—meditating, doing yoga, even daydreaming; any activity that requires mindfulness and promotes calm. Join us on our Soul Awakening cruise next February to learn how to tune in to Spirit no matter what you’re doing and how to access its power in every area of your life.

Intuition University cofounder and DailyOm contributor Sara Wiseman believes that "The Universe has a very specific language that it uses to communicate with us. We can learn this language when we meditate, when we spend time in nature, when we follow synchronicities, and when we allow ourselves to have peak experiences. All of these are ways the Universe speaks to us. If you are having trouble recognizing Spirit in your life, it can be useful to let go of the idea that Spirit will come in a certain way or bring a certain desired result. Instead, just notice what’s happening when you’re meditating, in nature, when you notice a coincidence, when you experience bliss. All these are ways for Spirit to talk to you.”

Former TV writer/producer and cofounder of Sedona World Wisdom Days Jerry Gilden emphasizes the way in which everything is connected. “The Creator has an unbelievable sense of humor. All things are connected. Simply look for the uncanny coincidences in life. Follow the coincidences like spiritual breadcrumbs along the path of life. It’s the journey, not the destination, that allows you to recognize the influence of Spirit in your daily life.”

Finally, world-peace artist Andrea Smith reminds us to notice the differences between Spirit and ego. "The only way you can recognize Spirit is by showing up and being present. Moment to moment, our attitude determines our altitude, and self-inventory of your consciousness helps too. If you are present, loving, and at peace, it is your spirit. If you are feeling vacant, disconnected or unsettled...that is your ego."

Join us on our cruise through the Caribbean next February to discover simple ways to tune into the vibration of Spirit in your life and to make the most of that divine connection.