Excerpt from Wild Creative

by Tami Lynn Kent

Resonance is supported by energy practices that invite and create core alignment, such as visualization or meditation, engaging the creative flow, and, for those with the inclination, attuning to the divine through ritual or prayer (like “Making a Spiritual Bath” on page 106). Listening to beautiful music or visiting an art exhibit—particularly one with refined pieces—can also facilitate resonance in the creative field. Feeling the connection to your loved ones or calling to mind specific things for which you are grateful creates resonance. If your sense of the sacred is found in nature, making routine pilgrimages to the wild will align you as well. Experiment with the power of blessings. For example, May I be blessed, May I be held, May I receive the peace of my center, spoken or repeated like a mantra, cultivates the resonance and radiance of your core field.

Blessings are like a sublime piece of music: they elevate the energy around and within us. A blessing, like anything that facilitates resonance, can mitigate stress or cultivate resonance in our field in the midst of stress. When we are feeling the effects of stress, there is often a sense of fear or scarcity contracting the energy field. To alleviate these effects, use blessings or a creative practice to focus on your desired intentions (rather than on the stress), restoring the resonance within. Instead of trying to fix the sense of scarcity, address the contraction in your field by increasing resonance. Simply shift your focus from a source of stress or worry to that of intention, gratitude, or love to change the pattern in your center. For example, if you feel stressed about not having enough time or resources, focus on that stress and notice what occurs in your body and energy field. Then change your focus to an intention for yourself, such as May I find the spaciousness in my time today. Observe what happens in your center when you say these words, focusing on the potential instead of what is missing.

We weave our lives every day using the quality of energy that moves through our creative centers. A practice of resonance involves intentionally choosing a high vibration of energy at each moment. Louise Hay, a prominent mind-body-spirit author, references the power of our thoughts in creating our lives. Hay says, “This is the moment when you’re either enjoying or not enjoying your life. What you’re feeling now is creating your tomorrows. Isn’t that a wonderful thing to know? You are in charge of your life.” Every thought is a magnet for energy and a chance to choose resonance over dissonance, creative engagement over resignation. Thoughts such as “I’m stressed” or “I’m tired” can be changed to “I’m blessed” or “May I receive what I need.” Shifting our focus away from the burden of all the tasks yet to be accomplished and toward the magic potential within each day radically shifts not only the lens we are looking through but the energy framework with which we encounter the day ahead of us.

An antidote for frustration or scarcity in any moment or aspect of your life is to instead ponder what you are thankful for or what you love. Observe your energy field in the presence of frustration and then notice how it changes when you shift your focus to the capacity of your abundance; perhaps you feel a sense of more space and capacity that in fact gives you an infusion of energy resources. When you work with resonance in your own field by using the energy medicine from blessings, ritual, pure presence, going to the wild, or the like, the feeling of “not enough” becomes the expansiveness of the embodied present and the mysterious beauty it contains when you are available to witness it. This practice can also re-energize your center during moments of challenge, like a traffic jam, a long line at the post office, or other times when you need it. It soothes the energy field around you and helps others (a difficult taxi driver, an irritable child, your partner during a conflict) align with your resonance, bringing extra calm when they are stressed. In finding resonance with the greater energy field, you already have more of whatever you need, including the unexpected blessings that arise when there is an opening.

Notice where resonance is best cultivated for you. Being intentionally creative through dance, movement, or other art forms cultivates resonance. We can also find resonance by spending time with loved ones and the animal companions in our lives. Pet therapy is based on the healing resonance animals provide. If you have an animal in your home, stroke your pet with intention or spend five minutes connecting together, to see what changes in your body and energy. Pay attention to the field of resonance in the home that is created by those who live there. Tending the home, doing yardwork, or sharing a meal as a household cultivates resonance in this field. Whenever a group works together for a shared purpose, resonance is established. There is the potential for resonance in creative partnerships and friendships. Our own resonance is enhanced when in the company of like-minded others, which is why group meditation or ritual is more powerful as individuals expand the field of resonance together.

I once witnessed collective resonance at a Grateful Dead concert in Eugene, Oregon. I had missed the whole Deadhead scene but happened to attend one of their last concerts, held at Autzen Stadium. The band was playing, and the notes seemed discordant, when suddenly the sound and the whole field of the crowd came into a profound shared resonance, aligning as if one. The Grateful Dead were one of those rare musical groups that could achieve this with an audience.

Discover whatever cultivates resonance for you, both as an individual and with those around you. Make it a priority to inhabit a field of resonance, and reach for your go-to ways to find resonance whenever you are feeling out of alignment in your center.

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