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How to Use Stream Drawing for a One Question Psychic Answer

by Elaine Clayton

You can stream draw to get an answer to a question and get a lot of intuitive insight in the process. Stream drawing activates your stream of consciousness flow and if you get into that stream, you will discover that answers are not so hard to get and psychic knowing arrives easily. This is because we are naturally very intuitive, it is part of our brain function and the language of the heart. Inside of each of us, there is harmony between imagination (vision), intuition, empathic sensing and spiritual mystery. Stream drawing is a creative-meditation method that opens you to all that integrated empowerment you have there, waiting to be nurtured and drawn out. We focus far too much on the logical side of the brain in our society, and in our conditioning we’re mostly expected to ignore inner feelings or inklings, validating only what is deemed logical and yet we all know we often do know things but there is no reasonable explanation for how or why we know.

 In this one-question stream drawing, I asked (like a school girl!) if a certain person I know is someone I’d be romantically compatible with or not. I did the steps of stream drawing (very easy, you already know it from early childhood when you drew with glee and no inhibition) to get into an intuitive zone where I could receive clarity. It is a playful yet deeply impactful process.

 The steps are: Draw with emotion; gaze; trust what comes; discover and connect.

 So, I got a piece of blank paper and a sharp pencil, which I placed in my non-dominant hand (this is to get me “off task” so I let my logical left brain have a rest and invite my expressive, emotionally alert right brain to activate which opens the door to a daydream like meditative state). I closed my eyes to deepen the meditation state and to prohibit myself from criticizing the marks I make. My pencil became like a lone skater on a wide-open frozen pond. It meandered in one continuous line all over the paper. Keeping my eyes shut, and slipping into a meditative daydream, my hand allowed itself to move however it likes, directing the pencil to do loops and zigzags, to apply heavy pressure or very faint light tension. When I felt ready to stop drawing, I opened my eyes.

 Then I was ready for the second part of stream drawing. This step is essential to an intuitive knowing process: gazing. To gaze is to “see into” the imagery in a daydream like way, not as in a goal-oriented labeling, task-list way, but a playful exploration of what the lines and shapes drawn conjure up in my mind and heart, in personal memories and feelings, impressions and hunches.

 As I gazed, I took note of things I saw that were recognizable. A bird, a leaf, a person meditating, and many other images. I jotted down notes, but not just the labels, I had a discourse with myself about how I think and feel about each image. With intuitive intelligence we can’t just make a list and leave it at that, it is skimming the surface to do that. We want to dive in to that mysterious knowing we are able to connect with here, and trust what comes, and then discover and connectour personal impressions with that. We have strong personal unconscious memories that influence what we think of things and situations, and intuitive knowing urges us to understand that nothing is superficial, really—all of what I perceive has and will have some meaning for us. I developed this method because I learned that I have to have that inner conversation to explore what things mean to me as a vital component of living intuitively.

For example, I wrote down that I saw a bird in the image, and then I reflected for a bit about the bird, trusting that whatever feelings or thoughts, memories or impressions came to me, that this was a guidance. This particular bird felt very familiar and had a very positive feeling for me. I remembered I had a bird mobile over my bed as a toddler and especially loved the blue jay. I like that birds fly (hope, spiritual expanse) and get a view of the world from above. The location of the bird image in my drawing mattered too since the right side is “future” aspects for me and the left is “past”. (Since there are two different kinds of birds in the stream drawing, I have a lot to ponder even still.)

Stream drawings are multidimensional, and like dreams they can be seen in a thousand ways and offer knowledge in as many—I try to honor what I see most strongly and go with that. I saw numbers and have my personal meanings for what numbers signify, as they in their linear forms, they have a strong energetic personality.

All of the images came together in surprising ways. First of all, because the person in question is someone I knew from the past. I saw in the center, near a huge open door (welcome opportunity?) a person reaching far into the past. This helped me realize I need to understand that the past is gone and to base how I feel on “now” and not as much on what I learned or experienced in the past in relation to this person. I took note of that since often we collect ideas about people based on what we know, yet that can be ever changing to a degree.

I perceived a hatted lady sitting, facing future seems happy there. Why is she so fancy? Is this a formality or a celebration? Is she from another century—could that convey a past life with the person in question? In what way do I think this could apply to compatibility with the person I have in mind? I decided it may have to do with living in our modern world with all the current turmoil, but bringing the good qualities of our ancestors into the situation—be patient, endure and don’t lose a sense of decorum, even in the chaos. A shadow side way of perceiving it might be, to ask myself --do I have to “dress up” for this person? Am I able to be informally myself and free in their company? This is a great intuitive tip because I need to be conscious of these things; after all, true compatibility means being one’s self, not a façade.

And there is much, much more in the drawing. I felt fortified and supported doing this stream drawing, I felt calmer and grounded, as if whatever unfolds is a-okay. I am turning a new leaf (seen in the drawing) and can peacefully allow for discovery of myself as well as of the other person—in fact, the stream drawing did not really have a “couple” in it—it seemed to show me that being in a relationship is about me knowing who I actually am, and to not reach too much for ideas of the past, but rather to “fly onward.” The psychic answer was to remind me to be my authentic self and if there is a romantic compatibility, it will be because I am strong within myself.

And I got all this intuitive sensing from just closing my eyes and trusting what came, making the connections from a drawing I did freely. It took about 10 minutes, but I can go back to it for more wisdom.

Next time you think of going to someone else for answers, at least know that many of the answers you seek are in your own domain and you are the authority of it. Don’t ask someone else to tell you what life means to you, you already know and are able to draw upon it! Use stream drawing to develop your own intuitive gifts.


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