What does it mean to release blocked energy?

How many of your old stories about yourself no longer serve you? How much energy are they blocking? Whether they formed because of trauma, events in your childhood, or unresolved emotions, these narratives cause real damage to our relationships with ourselves, and prevent us from treating ourselves with the kindness and compassion we deserve. So, what can you do to replace those stories with kinder, truer ones? Join us on our Soul Awakening cruise next February and our range of inspiring, dynamic speakers will get you started on releasing that blocked energy.

For Intuition University founder, Daily Om contributor, and Daily Divine blogger Sara Wiseman, having blocked energy means that energy is simply not flowing. “For humans, the body is a physical container of all our emotional experiences, including past wounds and unresolved feelings. When we allow ourselves to open to what is—to really feel our feelings—this allows us to release that energy; it allows this energy to flow. When we feel blocked—when we feel locked down by our feelings—it is simply a call to feel more. When the body can release emotional energy, other body systems can also become unblocked."

Renowned animal communicator, intuitive, and Omega Institute instructor Danielle MacKinnon doesn’t use the word ‘block’, as people tend to get very hung up on that phrase. "To me, a block means no passage through and that’s not how I’ve experienced the world. Each and every ‘block’ has actually turned out to more of a learning point—a place in my life when the information finally makes sense, the lesson is learned and forward movement can happen. While learning a deep soul lesson many not seem very fun at the time, I’d rather work on that than on trying to release blocked energy!”

Peace activator and world peace artist Andrea Smith believes that "There are many reasons energy gets blocked in our bodies. It can go back to childhood, traumas, illnesses—many things. It can be released in therapy, bodywork, by healers—many ways. I feel when a person is ready to release old patterns or energy, the right person will show up to assist them, as long as they’re open."

One of Mindbodygreen’s "Top 100 Women to Watch in Wellness" and HuffPost Live host Shannon Kaiser thinks "We can release blocked energy by feeling our feelings. A powerful way to attract more positivity is to embrace whatever emotions you have. So process your emotions and let other people process theirs—in their own ways."

Sedona World Wisdom Days co-founder Jerry Gilden puts it simply. “Release blocked energy means overcoming old memories that no longer serve us."

So if you’ve found that you continue getting hung up on harmful beliefs about yourself that you’re not even sure YOU believe anymore, join us next February to revise them and turn them into stories that work for you, not against you.