How do I know that I'm on the right path?

Have you been feeling disconnected lately? Stuck in a rut, or treading water, or going in circles with no end in sight? You may have fallen off your path. Of course, no two people have the same path, and it’s nice to take the scenic route or a detour from time to time, but if you really want to align yourself with your highest spiritual purpose, finding and staying on that path can open you up to constant alignment with the universe. 

Intuition University founder and top DailyOm contributor  Sara Wiseman says that you’ll know you’re on the right path “when everything is going well: things come relatively easily, and there is an abiding sense of joy. Those perfect days, when you’re sailing down the river of life without even needing to paddle—this is flow state. Whenever things are easy, effortless, joyous, you know you are in flow. And whenever you’re in flow, you’re on the right path. When you’re not in flow: when things are sticky, tricky, chaotic, and dramatic, you are being asked to look at how you are moving in the world. Another approach is better. Easy, effortless, joyful, calm… these are the emotions of being on the right path."

Sought after animal communicator and intuitive Danielle MacKinnon says that people should pay special attention to passion. “Do you feel passion about what you’re doing? And by this I mean real, true passion, which is different from excitement about the potential results of what you’re doing. When you find yourself creating new ways to do what you’re doing, it’s a sign that you’re on the right path. Laughter. Creativity. These too are signs that you’re on the right path. Now, here’s the funny thing about all of this: the reality is that there is no actual “right” path. Yes, when you’re feeling all excited and driven, you’re on the right path, but did you know that you’re also on the right path when things are going wonky? Wonky could just mean that you’re taking the long way there. If we came here to evolve our souls, it means that whatever we do—good, bad, fun, heavy etc.—it’s all geared toward that goal. Evolution."

"Things start to flow and doors open easily when we are on the right path,” according to HuffPost and MindBodyGreen contributor Shannon Kaiser. “When there is no resistance, we are in a state of flow." 

Co-founder of Sedona World Wisdom Days Jerry Gilden stresses that "once again, there is no right or wrong or good or bad.  It's what is right for YOU or not right for YOU.  Discovering what is right for you is as easy as finding the balance of happiness in YOUR life."

Andrea Smith, world peace artist and peace activator, encourages us to remember that, "Our natural state is joy! We are not here to suffer; we are here to appreciate. I believe we create our reality with our thoughts. If you are not happy, examine all your thinking. To me, my right path is one where I am at peace in body, mind, and spirit."

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