“Live your best life!” screams every ad campaign ever. By hoping to appeal to our very human need to achieve the illusion of perfection they constantly push the consumption of material things, whether that's buying, learning, or consuming.

When packaged as a platitude, “Live your best life” rings hollow. What does it really mean? How do you do it? Do everyone’s best lives look the same? According to the range of inspiring speakers on our 2018 Soul Awakening cruise, absolutely not—nor should they. What’s best for one person may not be considered desirable to another, and that multiplicity of perspectives is wonderful.

Sara Wiseman

For Intuition University founder and Daily Om contributor Sara Wiseman, “good” and “bad” are useless designations. “There are many ways to live. Even in a spiritually focused life, there may be many twists and turns where some parts of a life are unsuccessful or disappointing, difficult, or just plain rotten. When we look from a soul perspective, we see that we’re on the path of soul growth—we’ve already had many lifetimes to work on our soul lessons, and we’ll have many future lifetimes to continue our understanding. When we work from this infinite perspective, it takes the pressure off ‘doing it perfectly’ this time around. We’re learning. We don’t have it all figured out. It’s a process over time, and as souls, we have all the time we need.”

Danielle MacKinnon

Highly sought after animal communicator, intuitive and coach Danielle MacKinnon echoes Wiseman. “In my work, I’ve found that each person has a different ‘best’ way to live their life, and achieving that isn’t about figuring out THE way to do it. Instead, it’s about cultivating awareness of yourself, what you love, what you don’t love, what works well, what doesn’t work well, and who you are in order to enjoy the journey. Many of my clients come to me seeking the method that will help them be their best selves, believing that I have that answer for them. In the end, though, they always realize that laughter, fun, enjoying themselves, and making good decisions is all it really takes.”

Shannon Kaiser

Happiness expert and HuffPost contributor Shannon Kaiser encourages people to “be true to themselves. You are here for a very specific reason that only your soul’s growth can understand fully. Honor yourself, believe in yourself, cherish, and love yourself.”

Hollister Rand

Renowned clairvoyant Hollister Rand’s advice is “to live life in the best way possible. Engage with life at every level. By interacting with those living on the planet as well as the spirits, I move and am guided with an open, interactive and connected network. In fact, the word ‘engage’ can be made into an acronym for the 6 best ways to live life.

E-nthusiasm - - The word’s origins are from the French, meaning ‘inspired by God.’  In every situation, my energy is matched by the energy of the universe.  What I give is literally what I get, in the energetic sense.  So I make sure to             show up with gusto!

N-astika - - I’ve adopted this Sanskrit word which means ‘freethinker’ to remind myself to look beyond what is thought to be true, in order to explore what is true.  Rather than settle for a version of God or a fear-inducing cosmology, I am willing to question everything I think and believe.  Through my connection to the spirits, I continue to let go of how I think things are in order to experience how things can be.

G-ratitude - - By practicing gratitude daily, more possibilities for my life are revealed.  Wherever grievance is, my vision for the best life is limited.  Practicing gratitude moves me beyond the limitations of probability into unlimited possibility.

A-lignment - - As I let go of how I think I must be in the world, my body, mind and spirit move into a natural, integrated, balanced system.  This way of living isn’t created by will, but by willingness.

G-race - - Living in the knowledge that the divine (in all aspects), has my back.  Living my best life doesn’t demand my personal perfection, but compels me to celebrate forgiveness for others and myself.

E-volve - - Living my best life is a process, not a destination.  Rather than being ‘done,’ I am being, doing, loving, laughing, and learning.”

Jerry Gilden

Sedona World Wisdom Days co-founder Jerry Gilden urges people to “be inspired.  And understand that the moment you are inspired, the source creator gives you all the necessary tools and energy to fully express your inspired moment.  Once this is realized, you will likely live and love your life from one inspired moment to the next, until each and every moment is an aspect of a creative inspiration."

Andrea Smith

Peace artist and activator Andrea Smith advises to “find what you LOVE to do and do it. Carve your own existence out of your possibilities and be willing to let go if it doesn't feel good. The only way we can move forward is by letting go of what no longer serves us and moving into the unknown. We are here to live the most fulfilled life possible... but it is up to each of us to create what that looks like.”

So, join us on our Soul Awakening cruise next February to find out what your best life looks like, how you can achieve it, and how to stay open to the countless possibilities that await around every corner!