What does it mean to be spiritually connected?

Being spiritually connected means plugging into a network of spirits, some of whom we knew personally in physical form and some of whom we’re introduced to and grow in relationship with as we walk a chosen spiritual path.

Being spiritually connected means that we can continue relationships with family members and pets, and also develop relationships with guides, angels and God(dess).

As a medium, I’ve been privileged to introduce people to their spirit networks, which may include family members they didn’t know. It isn’t unusual to see religious ancestors surrounding a person on earth who identifies as spiritual, rather than religious. These ancestors often express that their legacy of devotion to God has prepared the way for the intense sensitivity of a “spiritual” person.

Being spiritually connected also means being an open and available conduit for messages that support our collective healing, wellness, and growth.

This is underscored by the increasing reports of angel encounters. During a recent session, a young woman in spirit stood with angels who met her in the hospital room right before she died. “Dying was easy. I flew on the wings of angels,” she declared. Her aunt confirmed that she had prayed for the angels to come for her niece.

I’m not the only one seeing angels! Fortunately, there are a lot of people listening to and sharing the divine messages they bring. Messages for transformation are also presented by high frequency spirits through channels. People are also willing to engage with their personal guides in ever-growing numbers.  How can I meet my guide? I’m often asked. 

The desire to be consciously spiritually connected is expanding exponentially. We’re waking up to the idea that being spiritually connected can help us create a fulfilling and guided life. Being spiritually connected can give us a sense of being an essential part of the greater whole. Being spiritually connected allows for the greatest expression of the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Being spiritually connected isn’t a denial of the physical, but an opportunity to bring spiritual awareness and expansiveness into the physical.

Recently I’ve communicated with a young man who died when he was hit by a train, a boy of twelve who was hit and killed while riding a bicycle, a man of twenty who died by suicide, and another who died after mixing drugs and alcohol. Their families and friends wanted to reconnect, to feel their presence again.

Being spiritually connected destroys the illusion that we are separate and alone.

What does it mean to be spiritually connected? It means that we never lose the people we love.


Hollister RandHollister Rand is an author and internationally renowned medium. Known for her extraordinarily detailed work, she provides specific messages from loved ones living in the spirit world with feeling, heart, and grace.

Hollister is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient (meaning that she can see, hear and feel the presence of spirits as well as get a sense of their personalities, emotions and physical attributes). Her unique gifts have provided comfort and closure for people all over the world. www.hollisterrand.com

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