The term “inner peace” gets bandied about a lot, usually with the intent to sell us something we don’t need. According to advertisers, everything from luxury cars to designer shoes will bring us that elusive feeling of all-encompassing harmony, and enable us to feel at one with the heavens, earth, and everyone we encounter. But what is inner peace really?What does it feel like? What does it look like? Is it even achievable? And, can you get it back if you’ve lost it? Join us on our Soul Awakening cruise next February—eight nights of balmy Caribbean breezes and dynamic speakers who will inspire you to discover your own version of inner peace—and you’ll see that it is.

Especially if you’ve been feeling stuck or lost or just uncertain of your next step, restoring your inner peace is imperative to moving forward. Each of our inspiring speakers believes that inner peace is colored and defined by our perceptions, and that we alone have the power to change them.

According to renowned Enneagram teacher Rosemary Hurwitz, we re-discover our inner peace “by loving and forgiving ourselves for our ‘shortcomings.’ By knowing that we are all in process. By believing that God does not ask for perfection but only our own presence and conscious process.”

For top Daily Om contributor and Intuition University founder Sara Wiseman, “inner peace by its definition isn’t based on outer events. It’s a way of looking at things, a way of understanding our true nature as infinite beings. We can begin to create inner peace in our everyday lives by connecting to the Universe more often. We can do this in many ways: meditation, prayer, stillness, nature. The more often we connect to this beautiful state, frequency or vibration, the more attuned we get to this level of consciousness or understanding.”

Jerry Gilden, co-founder of Sedona World Wisdom Days, stresses the need to “take the time to check in with yourself. If each of us considered the notion of checking in with ourselves as often as we check in with our mobile devices, we would instantly rediscover and nourish our own inner peace.” and Huff Post Live happiness expert and author Shannon Kaiser suggests we “Turn our fear-based thoughts into faith by trusting. Faith is about embracing the unknown but trusting it will work out in your favor. This can be a tall order if you are stuck in fear. Release your fear by turning to love. Love is light, inspiration and uplifting energy.”

Celebrated animal communication expert Danielle MacKinnon believes a reawakening of our inner peace has much to do with energy, and our ability to find the right method by which to calm ourselves. "Much of the time, when we believe we don’t have inner peace, what we’re actually experiencing is our own energy in need of some tweaking. When our energy is balanced, calm, clear, and organized, even the most dire situations begin to feel less dire. The challenge here is that while many of us attempt to calm ourselves, our tools and techniques often turn out to be less than effective. If you’re looking to restore your inner peace, start trying out the different tools you’ve gathered over the years. Perhaps it’s belly breathing or running energy through your body or writing… whatever it is, give it a try. Afterwards, take note of how you feel. If you don’t actually feel different (i.e. more calm, more clear, more safe), then that tool, for whatever reason, didn’t do its job this time. Rather than judge it, just move on to the next tool and the next until you find the one that does work for you in this moment. Testing out whether or not your tool really worked is one of the most important components of restoring your inner peace."

World peace artist, philosopher, and peace activator Andrea Smith recommends nature as a balm for when our sense of inner peace is disconnected. “First sit quietly and stop your thinking. It that doesn’t get you in touch with the feeling (of inner peace), go outside, sit, and breathe. We so often forget our source, but nature is always balanced. Putting our self in that energy is restorative.”

So, if you’ve been feeling low, stuck in a rut, or unable to move forward on the path you want to follow, join us and our speakers in paradise next February, where inner peace can be won.